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Summer Drinks To Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy
Jul 27, 2016
Summer Drinks To Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy

Summer is the time many of us look eagerly because for many its summer holidays and we plan for outings and vacations with family and kids. Summer is a good season to look for, but we should also be aware of what it brings with it, the heat and scorching sun, irrespective of age, people turn to become dull and energy less.

When they go out and come back, they spend more time in the hot sun, the chance of sun stroke is also a big threat. The major thing which is more exposed to sun and environment is our skin and we must protect it, otherwise, more than ninety percent damage occurs due to exposure to the sun.

Following are the various drinks which are advised to drink during summer to keep our skin healthy and glowing.

Natural Drinks:-

Nature has bestowed on us with a lot of products to drink, among them to tackle summer heat and to keep our skin look healthy we must look at natural products which are available in summer and which acts as coolants to the body too.

The first thing which comes to anyone’s mind in summer is “ coconut water”, drink fresh coconut water whenever possible or at least one in a day, the rich components in coconut water will keep you fresh, cool, energetic, and healthy

The next preferred thing when you are at home, you can opt for “buttermilk”, mixed with little salt, the buttermilk is prepared from curd, by churning it into thin liquid by mixing water, it’s better to drink buttermilk which is more water and less curd

To keep your body heat cool and healthy skin you can look for “Barley drink” also, which is very healthy and useful in summer

Other Drinks:-

There are various drinks which are available in summer, to combat the heat, many companies offer various products during this season in tetra packs and bottles.

Depending on the time and availability we can look for these drinks and meanwhile we should take care of our health also


Many experts suggest having coffee also, preferably in the morning time. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee, chances of getting affected by skin related diseases are less and the caffeine which is present in the coffee will protect the cells getting damaged from the UV rays.

Especially for women, the skin is very sensitive and more exposure to the sun may damage their sensitive external layers, even though many women protect the external skin by applying sunscreen lotions, still protecting the inner cells is also important and that we can do by taking intakes in terms of drinks and especially coffee.

The daily intake should be taken not more than three, otherwise excess caffeine is also sometimes dangerous, in fact, anything excess is bad for health

Coffee is also now available in cold and hot with numerous flavors, depending on your metabolism and taste buds, you can choose to drink at least one coffee to protect the skin cells in summer and to look your skin healthy not only during summer but also for rest of the days

Green Tea:-

Coffee and tea both are old competitors in terms of regular drinks after water all over the world

It is found that people who took Green tea daily for two to three times, found to be less porn to skin damages and sunburns, green tea consumption has also made improvement in their skin quality and glow, making it look more healthy and bright

During summer it’s important to protect the health of our skin, which is more exposed to the external environment and green tea is also one among the preferred drinks during summer days

It would be better to consume the green tea mostly in morning and evening times so that the rest of the time it takes care of our skin.


The antioxidants which are present in the RED Grapes are found to be more fighting elements to protect the skin cells and the antioxidants will protect the cells from UV rays damage

In wine, many suggest choosing RED, instead of white wine, due to these extra antioxidant properties, which the red wine has

Excess exposure of the skin to the sun, will kill the skin cells and cause more damage internally due to UV rays and may also lead to skin cancer sometimes, we should protect our skin from sunburns and wrinkles, by choosing right kind of food, drinks, and protective clothes

The intake of wine should be in its recommended dose, more of it will also harmful for our health

For women, the recommended cap is ONE and for Men, it’s TWO

As long as it’s in limits, it will give and show its properties, when it crosses the limit then it will show its harmful side, so be careful and be in control when you are with wine

Other Drinks:-

During summer, the temperature increases a lot from normal days and sun heat will be unbearable and due to direct sun rays projection onto the skin is harmful, because of UV sun rays which are present in sun, the rays will damage skin cells and its elastic properties and it may also lead to skin related diseases

That’s the reason many health experts and dermatologist suggest to protect and cover our skin when we outside, even after protection to give more fighting strength to skin cells, we must also look at the food intakes and drinks too, during these hot sunny days we must keep ourselves hydrated by taking more liquids, due to dehydration many people will become sick, weak and drain out their energies, this will lead them to hospitalization and unnecessary discomforts.

To keep ourselves hydrated, we must drink water regularly whenever we feel thirsty or whenever we find water nearby, our body is full of water and drinking water will keep us fresh, active and protect us from dehydration also

Freshwater, if it can be mixed with little salt, little sugar and considerable amount of lemon will give us a fresh lemon water drink, which will boost our energy and we shall be hydrated too

There are various other natural products which are available and not harmful; we can prefer to use them with water

Other options available for us are having fruit juices, we can prefer those juices which have vitamin c in them, such as pineapple, orange and lemon etc

Grape’s juice is also many of our favorite drink, it is better not to keep them for a long time and suggested usage should be fresh, we must have these juices when they are fresh and since these fruits are already having natural sugar in them, we must try to avoid adding extra sugar to the juices

Another juice which is famous in summer days is sugarcane juice; whatever drink we prefer to take we must see it should be protective one for us in summer and especially for the skin.


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