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Tips To Blush Cheek Naturally
Aug 13, 2016
Tips To Blush Cheek Naturally

Natural is always beautiful.  The beauty that comes from nature is beyond beauty that comes from cosmetics. It is too obvious that when women are attending a party definitely prefer to give at least light touch-up, blush, and lipstick.  Light touch-up and little lipstick are okay, but blush looks artificial.

That too when the complexion is considered.  Not all women are of same skin tone or complexion.  It is quite common that they will be of different complexions and so need to use different cosmetics that match with their skin tone in order to create an original effect of beauty, but blush is not something that falls into this natural-look giving cosmetic.  It is not an issue of course for the people who are ok with that, but people who prefer to give a natural blushing look to cheeks are who we are talking about.

Tips To Blush Cheek Naturally

The natural blush looks more beautiful as it comes without any external make-up or without using any cosmetics.  Going natural not only gives natural and beautiful that attracts people, but also keeps you away from side effects associated with cosmetics. The fewer cosmetics you use or apply on your face the less risk you are at.

So today we came up with few natural cheeks blushing tips and tricks that will help you blush your cheeks naturally.

Facial massage

Facial massages go well for giving a natural blush to cheeks.  In order to do so, you can take the help of professional massage. The main purpose of any massage is to improve blood flow in the body and facial massage is intended to improve the blood circulation on the face, which will add some natural blush to the cheeks because of better blood flow.  The facial massage not only helps us to blush our cheeks but also help us to exfoliate the skin by flushing away the dead skin cells and by adding moisture content to the skin. 

Exfoliation for roseate cheeks

Exfoliation is one of the finest processes to blush your cheeks.  Exfoliation will bring out your natural glow that was buried deep under layers of skin due to the tan formation, dead skin cells etc.  The dead skin cells and tan will make the bury the original skin tone and make it look really dull.  Exfoliation can be done either at home or with the help of a professional in the parlor.

Homemade scrubs can be used to exfoliate your skin, which will give your skin a fresh and young look.  One such homemade scrub that will help you get a well-toned skin is oats and honey scrub.  Take some uncooked oats and add honey/milk to it.  Make scrub out of it by mixing it gently and apply it to your cheeks and scrub.  Do it regularly for blushing cheeks.

Warm water rinse

Washing face regularly is a very good habit to be adopted by everyone as it removes the dirt and other bacteria that has settled on our face, but instead of doing it with normal water that is at room temperature it would be recommended to use lukewarm water.  Using warm water for washing face will promote good blood flow in the face and cheeks. 

As washing doesn’t take much time it is just within a minute task to complete.  So if you are planning to roseate cheeks, then there you go.  Take some lukewarm water and wash your face with it gently.  Make sure to use only lukewarm water so that there won’t be issues of dryness of skin.  You can either wash your face with just lukewarm water or wash your face with a face wash or scrub followed by a wash with lukewarm water.  In order to get rid of dryness issues apply a light moisturizer.

Regular exercise

Beauty is all about health.  If the inner body health is not good, how could people look beautiful outside? A proper and regular exercise regime can help a great deal to keep the entire body in the safe and healthy state.  Regular exercise also improves the blood flow in the body, which ultimately give a blushing look to the cheeks and thus satisfying our needs.  Regular exercise will help you to flush out toxins from the body and provides good amounts of oxygen to the body.  All these things finally contribute to enhanced complexion and also pinky cheeks. 

Proper diet

Diet ultimately contributes to beauty.  In order to improve cheeks color, there is a need to take a good diet that is rich in carotenoids.  Carotenoids are generally present in fruits and veggies, which are orange, red, and yellow pigments.  Carotenoids include carrots, capsicums, tomatoes, peaches, melons etc.  Also include foods that are rich in Vitamin C and E for giving a natural blush to your cheeks.

Drink more water

It is very much recommended to drink minimum eight glasses of water in a day.  Good water supply to our body will flush out toxins through urine and keeps the entire body hydrated.  Regular water drinking can help give healthier and glowing look to the face. 

Home remedies

Few home remedies to help you blush your cheeks.

•Prepare a lemon and cucumber pack.  Add honey and lemon to it.  Apply it all over your face and let it dry.  Rinse it off with water and see glowing cheeks.

•Wash with Apple cider vinegar can give rosy cheeks. 

•Beetroot juice also gives rosy cheeks.

•Take few almonds and add rose petals to it.  Add honey and blend them in a blender.  Use this on your face for rosy cheeks.  This mixture can be stored for a week long.  You can also use dry rose petals alone by making a paste out of it.

•Banana pulp with milk cream can also help to blush your cheeks naturally. 

•Cucumber or tomato pulp also gives natural rosy cheeks. 


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