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4 Best and Healthy Hip Baths
Jun 07, 2016
4 Best and Healthy Hip Baths

1. Cold hip bath:

Ingredients :



Rose petals/rose water/rose oil

Temperature :


Procedure  :

You need to sleep in the tub till your naval part soaked in water. Water should also be at the same level. Take Handkerchief and tie it to your right hand.

Gently take the water from the tub and rub it on clockwise direction on your naval for almost 10.15 minutes and then remove the Handkerchief from your hands.

Take rose petals or rose water or rose oil and pour in the tub. Stay in the water for 10 minutes. Take little soap solution and apply on the body gently massage the solution on your complete body.

Increase the water level little bit and soak your body and face frequently and complete your bath by gently cleaning the body with a clean towel.

Generally, people don't have a habit of cleaning with a towel or they rub on the skin harshly. Both are not good for skin health. So do gently cleaning after every bath.

Benefits :

Doing this bath weekly once will clear the gastric problems as well as we have given a cool water massage which is reducing the probability of gastric problems in future.

Your skin starts glowing as you are using beauty oils which enhance your skin beauty and health.

2. Neutral hip bath

Ingredients :


Turmeric oil / spearmint oil/ lavender oil




Procedure :

Sit in a position where your legs are not in water and only your body from chest to navel part should be in the water.

Now take handkerchief and tie to your left-hand and gently rub on your breast in the clockwise direction towards inside.

This gives your breast shape perfect without any troublesome treatments.

Do this gently message at least for 10-15 minutes.

After this increase the water level little bit and move your legs inside the tub.

Pour Turmeric oil / spearmint oil/ lavender oil in the bath tub and move your hands in such a way that you are swimming in the tab backward and frontal for about 5 minutes.

Now apply the soap solution on your body give a gentle message on the body.

Complete your bath by cleaning with bath towel gently.

Benefits :

This bath tightens your breast shape naturally.

It gives relief from your hand joint pains.

It reduces the obesity fat gradually if you do it weekly twice.

3. Hot hip bath

Ingredients : 



Jasmine oil/ jasmine flowers/lavender oil

Temperature :


Procedure :

Sit in the bathtub in the position of yoga pose in such a way that your body should withstand the temperature and the steam should be touching your face when you breathe.

Take handkerchief ties it to your right hand and rub the body completely with the warm water until your body sustain that heat.

Stay for 10 minutes and then raise the level of water making it neutral with cold water. Add Jasmine oil/ jasmine flowers/lavender oil in the tub and do gentle massage with that water on your complete body for 10 minutes approximately. Complete the bath with gentle cleaning of your body.

Benefits :

This can be acting as a steam bath, one of the great treatments in reducing unwanted fat in the form of sweat. As this bath open the pores on the skin removing dead cells, we would suggest you use moisturizer once you cleaning is done.

4.  Spondylitis bath:

This is completely healthy bath which is related to the health of Spondylitis. We generally give the leverage to the people on having the differences in regards

Bottom line :

Whenever you're not looking for a relaxed bath and you get time for it try to do this at least once a week. This is not only for health but also for achieving great health benefits.


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