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Amazing Benefits Of Beeswax For Skin
Jul 01, 2016
Amazing Benefits Of Beeswax For Skin

Beeswax lately is being used in many skin care products.  As the name suggest, it is a natural wax that is obtained from honeybees.  Honeybees produce this beeswax in order to build their honeycombs or to repair it.  It is available in different colors such as yellow, white, orange, brown, or red. 

The color difference of this beeswax varies depending on the age of the honeybee.  Beeswax is rich in fatty acids and alcohols.  There are not much-named benefits that are associated with intake of beeswax.  Even though it is eatable it is chewy.  In olden days, beeswax is used in the preparation of many medications.  It is also used in making candles.  There are many health benefits associated with beeswax.

Amazing Benefits Of Beeswax For Skin

Beeswax is used in treatment of allergies.  Beeswax contains non-allergenic properties in it, which makes it the product to treat skin allergies.  The candles made out of this beeswax are very much useful in clearing the dust particles and also reducing the level of allergies.  It also acts as natural remedy to treat hemorrhoids.

Other than health benefits that are lot more skin benefits with beeswax that most of you never knew about.   We are here today to share those fabulous benefits of beeswax for skin with you.

Not so in the past many companies have started treating beeswax as an ingredient that has good benefits for skin and they started making products by including beeswax in most of their skin care products. 

There are many properties of beeswax that work towards improvement of skin and its texture.  Other than using it as a cosmetic it has many other uses that will help treat many skin conditions. 

Skin conditions like acne, rashes, eczema, dry skin and other conditions of skin can be treated using beeswax.  It protects the skin from getting dry by locking the moisture in the skin. 

It also protects the skin from many environmental conditions with which the skin faces many damages.  The properties of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidants made beeswax the best to treat skin issues for all skin types.

Benefits of beeswax for skin

Acts as a moisturizer:

Beeswax works wonders as a face moisturizer.  It acts as a moisturizer by birth and keeps the skin moisturized for long time.  As these days no one is going out without applying a moisturizer to their body, the need made the companies to include this best natural moisturizer in their moisturizing creams and lotions, especially for dry skin. 

Beeswax mainly is named for its treatment of dry skin conditions.  As I said earlier, it locks the moisturizer deep into the skin and helps avoid dryness of the skin for a long time.  Beeswax is rich in Vitamin A, which is responsible for health growth of skin cells. 

Instead of buying a cream in which it is included as an ingredient for advertisement, it would be better to use it directly and witness the benefits of it on skin. 

In order to do so take some raw beeswax and mix few drops of vitamin E oil and almond oil to it.  Apply this paste every night before bed time.  You will get wonderful benefits in few months time.

Prevents acne

Acne is yet another skin condition that is mostly seen in young people.  Not just in young bloods, but it is also seen in people of different ages.  Lots of people suffer because of acne. 

There are many products available in the market today for that guarantee acne-free skin, but none works to make such wonders perfectly.  Beeswax is best known for its treatment of acne and preventing it from coming further. 

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties present in beeswax makes it to combat with acne prone skin to free the skin from acne.  The presence of Vitamin A in beeswax is also a benefit that helps in treatment of acne.  It also softens the skin from the core and clears the skin without any signs of acne.

Prevents Eczema

The benefits of beeswax are not just limited to treat of simple skin conditions; it also has the capability of combating one of the serious medical conditions called Eczema.  The antiseptic properties present in beeswax makes it so capable that it combats with Eczema.

Eczema is a condition that is seen in people with over dry skin or sensitive skin.  This condition mainly pops up in winter season.  In order to treat this Eczema condition of the skin one has to use it along with olive oil. 

Take some lotion of beeswax and dilute it in olive oil.  Add right amount of honey to it and apply this solution the Eczema affected area.  You can use this lotion three times in a day. 

Psoriasis, which is a major skin conditions can also be treated using beeswax.  The medicinal properties present in beeswax help soothe the inflammation and stops the bacteria from spreading further.

Soft Lips 

Along with skin the other part of the face that is badly affected in winter season is lips.  We normally use petroleum gels, lip balms, lip moisturizers to treat lips in winter season, but once we forget to do the routine of applying lip balm or whatever stuff we commonly use to calm down the lips, they return back to their chapped state. 

Not just in winter, this is the situation all the year because we spend most of our precious times before computers and air conditioners.  So instead of petroleum gels and all, which contain at least a bit of chemicals in them it would be better to apply a balm that is made out of beeswax.

You can make this lip balm at home.  Just take some beeswax and mix it with any oils like coconut or olive and some Vitamin E oil.  In order to add fragrance to the product you made use oils of lemon, peppermint, or orange.  Apply it and see how your lips feel now.

Stretch Marks

Just like beeswax treats stubborn skin conditions, it also treats stretch marks.  The properties of beeswax make it capable of doing so.  Get some wheat germ oil and let the beeswax resolve in it.

Add some vitamin E oil or cocoa butter to it and apply it to the stretch marks.  Do it two times a day and you will definitely be benefited by its miraculous healing properties.

These are the amazing benefits of beeswax for skin.  If you are sensitive to honey make sure to consult a pro before use.  You must be wondering how come it has got so many benefits for skin, health, and hair; after all it is born from nature.  Undeniably it deserves to be the one it is now.  So replace your chemical-filled cosmetics with our nature’s gift beeswax and enjoy its benefits.


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