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Homemade Anti-aging Cucumber Face Mask
Nov 29, 2016
Homemade Anti-aging Cucumber Face Mask

The anti-getting older cucumber face masks also include Aloe Vera, lemon juice, and rose water. Aloe Vera is another extraordinary element for getting old skin because it stimulates cellular renewal. Additionally, the soothing and moisturizing gel are useful for treating skin inflammation and sunburn. Sun harm is a key contributor to skin aging.

Lemon juice and rose water are also wonderful on your skin due to their cancer prevention agent and skin-fixing properties. Plus, they help fade blemishes, lessen age spots, reduce large pores and upload a youthful glow for your skin. The superb odor of rose water additionally has a chilled and enjoyable effect, as a result decreasing stress.

How to make an anti-getting a cucumber face mask

Things you may need:

Half cucumber

Aloe Vera gel


Rose water

A bowl

A knife

A blender

Measuring spoons


1. Peel one portion of a cucumber

2. Cut it.

3. Throw the cucumber pieces into a blender.

4. Add 2 tablespoons of clean Aloe Vera gel.

5. Add half teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

6. Add half teaspoon of pure rose water.

7. Mixture the combination for a few minutes.

Your, self-made anti-getting older cucumber face masks are ready now.

A way to use

Wash your face and neck, and pat dry.

Apply this splendor mask on your face and neck.

Keep  away it on for about 20 mins.

Rinse it off and then splash cold water on your face.

Do this once or twice per week on a normal foundation.

Note: This face masks won't be appropriate for people with delicate skin because of its astringent pleasant.


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