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How to Cool Your Eyes by Eye Massage
Jun 07, 2016
How to Cool Your Eyes by Eye Massage

Without our eyes, the world is a dark feel with a just sense of touch and audio. Nothing could be more beautiful like the warmth of sunrise, breath-taking moments of waterfalls, and eye cooler moments like a favourite team winning games. So our eyes are one of the greatest gifts we have in our body.

But have you ever wondered about how much damage and stress you impart over them by your activities? Each time you stress your eyes sitting and staring at your computer screen, you are giving more strain to the internal structure of eyes thus reducing to the vision by 0.1%, but luckily as eyes can recover from this condition if proper nutrients, rest, and massage are given to them.

When the eyes get strain you might find yourself keeping the eyelid in a half cracked position, other than that a prominent headache over the eyes might also imply that eyes are breaking under over stain. In this situation it is advisable to give a rest to your eyes, let us see some cool massaging techniques that would reduce the strain it takes thus blessing them long life.

Eye Massaging Techniques

Before knowing the massaging technique learn the pressure points around your eyes which really benefit your eyes in the process of massaging. The bone line below the eyebrow, the region right  above  eyebrow, 90 degrees adjacent to brow lift region, the depressions on the starting of eyelids, and the orbitals point adjacent to eyebrow line.

1.         The first technique would be an easy one. Use both the forefinger to run from the top eyebrow line along the nose bridge with a moderate pressure. Repeat this for 10-12 times.

2.         Apply some pressure to the end of the brow bones and nose-eye depressions   moderately  for   a  duration of a 2-3 sec for 5 times.

3.         Use your middle finger to aid a small pressure over the starting of eyelid near to depression covering the eyelid. Consecutively work for 5 to 8 times in a similar manner without much pressure.

4.         Use forefinger and middle finger to slide with a moderate pressure over orbitalis muscles near the brow line. Repeat this process for about 10 times.

5.         Rub your palm and use the warm hand to cover the eyes for about 10 sec or eye a damp cloth and blow your breath through it and gently apply over the eyes.

Tips for eyes:

•           According to 20-20-20 rule give your eyes a break every twenty minutes, during which you can try some of the below massaging techniques to relax the muscles. The next 20 asks you focus your eyes on something 20 feet away momentarily during continuous working of the eyes. The last 20 is for a break lasting 20 seconds for your eye once in every 20 minutes.  

•           Never stare at computer screen for more than 30 minutes, always take a break while working. Make sure that you manage a good sitting posture with straight vertebrae which would ensure good blood circulation and thus overall health will be perked.

•           Never read small words with the small font for a long period of time, this takes a lot of strain for the lens inside the eyes thus, muscles would ache to create a headache and accompanies problems.

•           Blink your eyes often while on a computer or watching television. Make sure that high contrast screen like television must be at least 12 feet away from the viewer. Always use moderate brightness for screens.

There you go. Start loving your eyes, the world is beautiful only because we see them and feel them. In order to keep it that way, just follow these simple tips and tricks.


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