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Medicinal Plants Used In Beauty Treatments
Jun 13, 2016
Medicinal Plants Used In Beauty Treatments

Beauty is the Achilles' heel of women worldwide because of the desire to attract someone at the first glance and to set out the exclamation 'Wow! She is so incredibly beautiful'. This desire and anxiety of women to look beautiful push them towards a package of cosmetic products which are available in their nearby shops and many are imported from foreign countries by paying big bucks.

But they had to suffer from many side effects that may damage the tissue of skin and hairs. Many are unaware that nature is not just beautiful, but it also possesses many natural herbs available that can assist you in making your skin and hairs enhanced and revived.

The demand for herbal cosmetics has been increasing with a high pace because of little or zero side effects. The cosmetic products developed with the use of herbaceous plants are recognized as 'Herbal Cosmetics'. Some of the herbs that can attract you in enhancing your beauty and provide you salubrious skin and hairs are as below:

Lavender: In the scientific term Lavender is called as ‘Lavandula augustifolia’ which is one of the highly used herb by beauty industry to improve the aroma of different merchandise. It possesses anti-bacterial and anti-flammatory characteristics which makes it beneficial in the treatment of sunburns, acne, scars, itching, swelling, rashes and many other skin problems.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has amazing medicinal properties that are helpful in treating many skin problems, including, an allergic skin rash, wrinkles, scars, dry peel, stretch marks, chronic skin diseases and inflammatory skin disorders because of its strong composition that includes potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc. For hairs, it acts as a perfect conditioner that treats dandruff and make your hairs shiny, soft and silken.

Marigold: The botanical name for marigold is Calendula, which hold a high concentration of flavonoids that is a perfect antioxidant. Not merely this, it also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which treat skin burns, scalds, cuts, pimples, acne, blemishes, eczemas, and hemorrhoids. They are one the major ingredient in cosmetics like face packs, soaps, creams etc.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an ingredient which all may have heard about as it has property to cure the pain induced by injuries. Past witnessed the anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant features of turmeric. It has been used by many to get the flawless and beautiful skin, cure many skin troubles, including dry skin, sebaceous skin, acne, wrinkles and scars and common hair problem of dandruff. The botanical term for turmeric is 'Curcuma Longa'.

Basil/Ocimum basilcum: Basil, the uncrowned king in the floral world and it carries plenty of Vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants. It assists in producing anti-acne face packs, anti-lice shampoos, dandruff shampoos and perfumes also.

Rosemary/Rosmarinus Officinalis: A medicinal plant whose amazing fragrance may attract people from distances. In improve, it has anti-fungal, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features that assists you to get a perfect figure that enhance your beauty, promotes hair growth, cures dandruff, acne, wrinkles and fine lines also.

Chamomile: Chamomile is an herbaceous plant which is surprisingly gentle and has anti-inflammatory characters. It has been utilized all over the orb to produce skin creams, shampoos, soaps, lotions and many other products that treat acne, wrinkles, fine lines and many other products as it has restorative and hydrating qualities.

Neem: Neem is a medicinal tree also referred as Azadirachta indica in botanical word has multiple medicinal and beautifying benefits. Each and every piece of the tree have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal components that is one of the best treatments for acne and thinning of hair.

The use of the medicinal plants in enhancing the beauty does not end here as there are many other plants that also assist in the treatment of many skin and hair problems. If you examine precisely the importance of herbal plants in beauty treatments you find that it works at snail's pace when compared to artificial products, but the positive results you will receive may keep eyes peeled. 


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