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Behavioral Signs And Symptoms of Stress
Jun 12, 2016
Behavioral Signs And Symptoms of Stress

Stress-Free Life is possible

A stress-free life is something we all aspire for. But is it possible?  In life, stress comes in one form or other. Usually, stress occurs when we are not able to meet our expectations. We get high achievements only if we are stable, that is stress-free. That is possible if we have a disciplined way of life.

Many people lay before them a number of objectives and dream. Dreaming is good, but only when we have to plan and work for it. If we are striving for it in the last minute stress will be the outcome.

There are many who work on their assignments with sleepless nights, mainly because of their idleness. How can such person achieve his objective without stress? Give priorities to the necessary things than wasting time .Stress is healthy if it motivates us to drive forward. Lazy or unmotivated people do not experience much stress in their life.

When stress becomes too much and not motivating, it becomes distress and becomes a non-motivator. At this time, it begins to create problems in one’s life. Have you ever thought how stress could harm our body? Try to diagnose it and deal with it slowly and regularly to lead a healthy life.

How stress reflects on you?

Stress affects body and behavior of a person, without his knowledge. Sleeplessness, nail biting, irritability, overeating etc. are some of the behavioral changes that are noticed. If one has a healthy mind and sound attitude these could be identified and managed. If left unchecked, it can lead to many problems.

Development of bad habits like drinking, smoking use of drugs is seen in most people when they find it difficult to face problems or to hide their flaws. And gradually this becomes a habit from which it is difficult to get away. When it exceed a certain limit it affects physical as well as mental health of people

Many people find it hard to mingle freely with public in a respectable way. Reluctance to talk in public gathering or groups is another symptom which is due to lack of confidence or due to social phobia. This can also be due to over criticism or shyness. Lack of self-esteem forces him to avoid situations which need socialization. These problems can be rectified if handled properly.

Stress + Stress = Breakdown.

Long-term stress can lead to fatigue.  It dulls your senses, thought the process and slows down your work. Fatigue is also seen in stressed persons due to overwork, anxiety and fear. Fatigue lessens the attention span of a person. This can be brought under control by exercise and meditation.

Overeating is found in many people under stress. This can result in obesity.  Whereas, some avoid food because of stress as they experience loss of appetite.

Outbursting is another behavioral problem associated with stress which is due to fear and helplessness. Angry outbursts not only leave lasting scars in life, but also destroy love, trust, and respect.

Impatience is observed in most people with stress. They may talk continuously without listening to others, interrupt others at work, or may show restlessness at work.

Stress creates a pervasive sense of hopelessness in people, and it becomes difficult for them to continue their life. And if he is mentally weak; chances of committing suicide or harming themselves is greater. This can also be due to anger, anxiety and depression. It is also considered as a disorder.

In a conclusion

It is difficult to live in a situation free of stress but can’t we try to minimize it? Spending time with people you love, and having fun and humor helps to reduce stress. Enjoy reading, or engage in other good habits or hobbies which keep you busy. Doing exercise regularly is effective in controlling stress.

Reduce your time spent on mobile phones, computers, or on watching TV as these entire make you idle. Involving in spiritual or religious experiences also boost one’s state of mind positively. Deep breathing technique helps to keep the mind calm and at the same time, it enhances your health. Handle stress in a healthy way as it can influence our physical and psychological health.


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