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Effects Of Stress On Women
Jun 24, 2016
Effects Of Stress On Women

Women mainly get stressed out when the situation is out of control.  Some stress is manageable and if the stress is too much then it makes person sick both mentally and physically.  In order to first find out if you are stress out or not you have to keep an eye on the symptoms you are noticing.


Stress levels are not same for all the women.  Few women may be strong and can handle any type of situation whereas few women are weak who cannot take any tough situation. So it varies from person to person.  Stress affects lot of things.  There are very much notable symptoms of stress that include emotions, behavior, thinking ability, and physical health.

Effects Of Stress On Women

Stress could be short-term or long-term.  Depending on which term it fall the symptoms will vary.  There are many effects associated with stress.  The following are the common side effects associated with heavy stress for women.

1.Reduced sex hormones

Stress that comes from new job or shifting to new city could affect the sex hormones in body.  The libido will be lowered because of the major changes in life.  This can occur when elevated levels of cortisol suppress body’s natural sex hormones.  Sex hormones are important to have good sex life for women.  Excessive stress may lower the sex hormones and thus the interest to have it finally.

2.Irregular periods

Women menstrual cycle is mostly affected whenever health issue pops up in them.  Acute and chronic stress can basically change hormone balance of the body, which results in irregular periods. 

The entire menstrual cycle will see changes like missed, late or irregular periods due to this hormonal imbalance in the body. Women who are working in stressful jobs are mainly targeted. 

Their menstrual cycles is very much effected and is at 50% higher risk of short cycle length, which is less than 24 days compared to housewives or other women who are working at stress free jobs.


Acne is seen in many people.  It may pop up on face due to several reasons. The higher levels of cortisol in the body can increase production of oil that results in acne and breakouts on skin.  A study done on this show that college going girls at the time of exams are mainly face this problem due to exam stress.

4.Hair loss

Stress even though is not a major health issue; it neither is a minor health issue to ignore because it affects a lot.  If stress is due to emotional or psychological changes, this can cause physiological imbalance, which ultimately results in hair loss. 

Heavy stress levels can result in hair falls.  Sometimes you may not notice the stress immediately after your stress periods, but the effects of stress would surely pop in future in the form of hair fall.

5.Digestion issues

Women’s digestive system is very prone to diseases.  Long-term stress can affect the digestive system.  It increases the acids in the stomach and thereby causing indigestion and discomfort.  If proper health care is not taken then it would result in health issues like ulcers and IBS.  So it is very important to reduce stress levels in order to have good digestive system.


Depression is more seen in women compared to men.  They are prone to depression in double doses compared to men.  Increase in cortisol levels due to chronic stress for period of time, job stress or acute stress, or depressive events in life like death of very close person, divorce etc can bring depression with them.



Sleeplessness is one of the biggest problems in life.  This problem arises mainly with old age, but it also occurs in young people because of stress.  The symptoms of insomnia are the sleepless nights on the bed doing all types of athletes thinking over and again about the same thing.  Insomnia is mainly caused due to stress.  It may also result in difficulty concentrating, irritability and lack of motivation.

8.Weight gain

Few people eat a lot when they are stressed out to get rid it, but instead of lowering the stress they higher their stress by gaining weight on other side.  The increase in cortisol levels due to stress also affects weight.   Raise in stress levels also increases appetite and carvings for sugar, which lets people to stuff heavily leading to weight gain.

9.Heart disease

Stress also affects the most important part of the body heart.  Our heart will be at risk with increased stress levels.  Stress can affect entire cardiovascular system, which ultimately can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. People who are leading stressful lives are very much prone to heart diseases.

10.Bad immune response

Our immune system is like a protective shield to the body.  It fights off many diseases that dare to enter our body.  Stress affects the immune response to diseases.

These are the effects of stress on women.  These symptoms can be handled without taking them to higher level of risk by taking care of stress factor that is major reason for all these issues.



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