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How Does Stress Affect You Emotionally and Mentally
Jun 13, 2016
How Does Stress Affect You Emotionally and Mentally

How Does Stress Affect You Emotionally and Mentally

21ST century and its demands are sometimes unpredictable in this modern period everybody has demands accordingly. Demand in every field can be found whether it was personal/professional or teenage/adult.

So for this demand oriented life things need a lot of perfection along with speediness, so in this fastness of life, you can she born of stress. Stress is something which cannot be expressed in words it only needs conclusions and facts.

Stress is nothing but a feeling of getting threatened where the nervous system of the body stops functioning for a while where things cannot be predicted physically. Stress is that pain which cannot be seen and heard it is something which does its work very perfectly without any scars in the body.

Stress is when your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises, also when you intake breath super fast which feels like the quantity of oxygen which your inhaling is not sufficient.

Stress can be found when you’re almost at the end of the game and want to win the match, stress can only be experienced when you see yourself gaining concentration while giving a presentation so it can also be further elaborated like when exams are on head and you feel to watch movie by avoiding watching movie for that moment that all relates stress.

But it also can turn to be the biggest disaster without making you think for a moment, by affecting your body’s health by damaging your parts.



•It can be found in every aspect by the way you talk, you behave, you react in all this kind of stuff you can find stress.

•Stress can affect your physical health your way of grasping things can easily notify for how well your brain is functioning.

•You can be found to lose concentration and state of mind very fastly in a rapid of a second.

• Sometimes it also takes time for relaxing, for cooling down and for excepting the fact that your very hyper for that particular moment.

•You would make your self-esteem downfall by thinking that you’re worthless, lonely and very depressed, in some cases, you may even found for avoiding everyone.

•Stress is something which would change your temperament to a different level by damaging your mood and also by making you feel very frustrated so that you will be not able to react for your own self.

Consequences which may occur for taking stress

•MENTAL Health problems: This would lead to depression, anxiety, and personal disorders of the individual, by affecting the point of mind for that particular time which can also continue for future.

•HEART diseases: Extreme high blood pressures, sometimes even lead to heart strokes and also heart attacks.

•Eating disorders: Stress can make your path little big by extending your meal timings because you’ll be so lost in your world that you won’t feel bothered about your food intake so this may lead to obesity.

•Stress can also prolong your menstrual cycle as due to the lack of proper sleep and food intake which would lead delay your health regularities.

•Stress leads to pigmentation and pimple creation in your body due to lack of sleep and which indirectly also harm for leading hair loss.

•Gastritis problem in the body can start due to improper timing of consuming a meal or also for skipping meals can lead to this problem.


1. Headaches, stammering, trembling of lips and hands.

2. Neck pain, Body pain, muscle cramp.

3. Dry mouth, sweaty hands.

4. Diarrhea, constipation, difficulty in breathing.

5. Mood swings, difficulties in concentrating.

6. Forgetfulness, nightmares, weight gain or weight loss.

7. The problem in grasping new information.

8. Increase in use of drugs or smoking or in consuming alcohol.

9. Become addictive in buying or in gambling, in some case rashes, and also goose bumps take place.

As per researcher, it’s been said that stress is a part of life by thinking about it we should not make it complicated, by concentrating with our immense thinking of what to do and what not to do? Prevention is better in stress without worrying what to buy and what to eat concentrate on the symptoms generated by the body and respond for it to reduce stress from your life.

In the incident that you or a friend or family member is feeling overpowered by anxiety better to consult your specialist. Numerous signs of anxiety can likewise be indications of other wellbeing issues.

Your specialist can evaluate your indications and standard out different conditions. In difficult situations, it's better to contact your specialist. Because they can prescribe an advisor or instructor to help you for handling your anxiety.


•Consult with your family physicians because they can guide you the best for taking care of your health by not letting is misled in some unknown parts of your life where you would get into more depression. By helping you to fight with both your mental and your physical mood swing errors.

•If you find yourself not able to control the position than rush to the emergency point or call the hotline numbers.


Sometimes worrying more without focusing about your body’s functioning will also lead to danger in terms of health.

Always remember everything in this world has cured so don’t get panic and kill your emotional level by hurting your conscience.

Get rid of the difficulties in your path by talking about them with your closed ones and don’t avoid them because as much you will talk your pain will be reduced.

So life is not about easy foods stress also is a part of life fighting is the most important thing for surviving in today's date.


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