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How to Identify and Handle a Narcissistic Boss
Jul 31, 2016
How to Identify and Handle a Narcissistic Boss

How to Identify and Handle a Narcissistic Boss?

Workplace and job role are one of the very delicate platforms to excel your talents in your profession which you have gathered from your education and you want to optimize it into your professional career. And If your thinking is been disturbed by an annoying person who is none other than your head of the office.

Sometimes narcissistic can be very difficult to deal with because they are very unpredictable what they talk, what they do can’t be understandable, the best cure is to avoid them but usually, the terrific side is when that narcissism is found in your boss, co-worker, or teacher than it is very difficult to tolerate.

So after you come to a brief situation where you found yourself being tied very badly, and there is no chance to come out then the best part is to educate your brain and make it find analysis regarding how to overcome the situation and to make sure off planning some stuff which would rescue you and also the victim who has been suffering from the problem.

Generally, sarcasm, narcissistic does not make a person devil but it changes the mood swings from which the surroundings get affected due to the unusual behavior. 

The problem of narcissistic is deep rooted, so these article deals will be about discussing some apex points which would lead to gather some interesting and unknown facts which were never discussed before:

Ways to identify a narcissistic individual:

1. Mostly they like Self-importance to own activities with queuing others intentions and ideas.

2. Likes admiration and praisings from the staff, which enjoys the unreal pattern of living life.

3. Tries to underestimate the thoughts, views of knowledge and innovative ideas which will increase the organizations basics. So by discouraging the tips of the fellow workers they want to be great.

4. Very heartless mostly won’t understand the needs of the employees, likes begging for leaves, permission, and salary. Thinks employees are the slave and feel he is paying free food.

5. Only work for own advantages when his or her work is done than he/she believes in throwing the thing. He/she want only his growth.

6. Sometimes it’s very opposite he will change his etiquettes for convincing the employee and once he is convinced he shows his/her own true colors.

So it’s not that they are born with this is just only because of some circumstances which made him or her so indifferent. If you find these qualities than start cursing and complaining  just think once that he might be suffering from stress which is said by the study of DSM-IV-TR (2010), that if we avoid such problems than they can also turn out too serious health problems like Narcissistic Personality Disorder. So we should focus if there are these problems in the surroundings because before getting severe it’s good to work on it by proper diagnosis.

Tips to handle narcissistic behavior around you:


Polish yourselves to identify the narcissism behavior around you because sometimes they are very brilliant actors to catch so better sharpen your senses to find them because they are the one who does the mischief and pushes someone else for the deed and escape and enjoy his/her drama very well in the crowd.

• In some cases the narcissistic behavior can be easily recognized because co-workers, and all will be very afraid to be in contact with him/her due to his angriness or because of his/her double standard behavior which would haunt others by his skillfully putting the negativity by pointing out the positivity as waste an no of use which can be very violent.

So noticing them in the workplace is very tough but you have to be very attentive and sometimes they are very egoistic and are of pointing fingers types. And basically, adjust yourself accordingly.


• Basically, if you found your boss or co-worker being opportunistic than arguing directly will not give you any points of winning as they are very cunning. So it is always good to maintain periodically updated notes where you should note down when and where he behaved not decently, where he was being optimistic. Because you have to be one step ahead than the victim since he or she is a big player.


• Basically, narcissistic bosses, teachers have those people surrounding them who always supports them praises them and give them what they wanted so if you stand there then it's` good to survive his or her torture.

• If you’re the one who believes in hard work and wants appreciation for the best whichever you do then you have to struggle a lot because theses narcissistic problem people are very clever minded and want themselves to be the best, not the employee. So then you have to plan the best means to put the truth out of the evil.

• So be aware of your not fallen in his or her mind games and somehow indirectly you’re doing the things what he wanted because at last there you won’t have any proof where he was wrong because anyhow you were also included as a part of his deeds.


The one thing to be remembered is not to take the narcissism people seriously because they don’t mean anything intentionally the thing which matters them is their profit so he or she will try to fool you with his/ her behavior only for grandiosity.

The thing which matters don’t take anything to the ego because they are meant to be like that just due to their brain status so you shouldn’t bother because if you put your step in it then you will ultimately become the victim at the end.

So gather and analyze the situation as if you minimize your time limit to stay away from him make less contact because anyhow his true colors won’t even take much time to come in public because it has to end one day that day he/she fall on their faces. 


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