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Reasons Behind Your Tiredness
Jun 14, 2016
Reasons Behind Your Tiredness

In general, tiredness to the body is due to lack of sleep, lack of nutritional food, lack of energy etc. There are lot more things than what meets the eye.  We can get rid of the tiredness that is caused due to lack of sleep by having enough sleep. 

In the same way, we can get rid of tiredness that is caused due to lack of food by taking healthy food in. You can take energy boosters to boost back your energy, but there are few other things that cause you fall tired always. 

Let us know today, what are those causes that are making you sick and tired all the time.  You can supplement those things which are causing you tired all the time and get rid of tiredness. 


Most of the people live with a misconception that workout will lower their energy levels, which remains as a misconception, but not much more than that.  In a study conducted by the University of Georgia, it was found that people who are performing 20 minutes of a workout for about three days in a week are healthy and energetic after six weeks period of time whereas the people who cheat on their workout were tired soon. 

Regular workouts will help boost your energy levels and supplies oxygen to all the tissues that are very essential for our body to function properly.  So, next time keep this in mind when you are thinking of giving your workout a skip.  At least replace your workout with a simple walk for 20 to 30 minutes.


Lack of enough intake of water would leave your body in the mode of dehydration.  Dehydration automatically weakens your entire body, which would result in tiredness.  Dehydration results in the reduction of the volume of blood, which makes blood thicker in consistency. 

This thicker blood makes it difficult for the heart to pump less effectively, which ultimately reduces the speed at which oxygen and other essential nutrients reach your body tissues.  So, make sure to take good amounts of water to get rid of the problem of dehydration.  In general, 8 glasses of water is recommended by doctors.

Iron deficiency

Most of the times iron deficiency in the body could also leave you tired all the time.  Iron deficiency will make the traveling speed of oxygen slow and thereby makes you tired easily and quickly.

 In order to cover up your deficiency of iron, take foods that are rich in iron such as kidney beans, tofu, eggs, green leafy veggies, nuts, peanuts, butter etc.  If you want to get cured fast, then add up some foods that are a rich source of vitamin C as they make the iron absorption fast.

Iron deficiency is mainly due to an underlying health issue.  So, if you are suffering from iron deficiency make sure to consult a doctor in first place.

 No breakfast

There are people, most of the people with lack of knowledge and most of the other overloaded with unnecessary knowledge think that skipping their breakfast is a part of a diet and would  help them to burn more fat cells, which is absolutely false as it would leave them in more loss. 

Breakfast itself mean breaking the fast that they are on from the last time.  It is very important to take breakfast in the morning in order to make the entire body function properly.

Treat yourself with healthy foods at your breakfast time.  Few of the healthy foods include oatmeal, peanut butter, a full glass of milk, boiled egg, fresh fruits, fruit juices etc.


Junk foods

We love to eat everything spices and salt.  We love oily foods and foods with huge sugar content, which are overloaded in junk foods.  We love eating roadsides.  You may find them tasty, but intake of such junk foods regularly would leave you in a lot of health issues. 

Junk foods mainly contain the glycolic index in them, which is related to the blood sugar in our body.  Ups and downs in our blood sugar regularly would make our entire body weak. So, in order to keep your blood sugar levels appropriate, take foods like chicken, brown rice, salmon, sweet potato, fruits etc.



Few people love working to an extent that people around them get exhausted with their work, but they won’t give up on their goal. Coming to breaking those limitations or crossing those boundaries, it is not at all a sin, but only if you are good enough in doing that. 

Overworking may make you weak to an extent that you may not perform the actual work assigned to you with time.  So, don’t take up such assignments that are overburden to your body.



Anxieties sometimes make your situation worse.  If you are people who belong to that category, then try to work on things like exercises, yoga or meditating to get rid of such useless anxiety.



It is very important to give our body and mind rest at least occasionally in order to start anew with new thoughts.  So, don’t let your body feel restless.  Make certain to take healthy breaks from work and plan for vacations.



People using smartphones won’t make them smart.  It is the way they make use of them makes them smart.  Most of the people spend most of their live time with their smartphones and tabs forgetting that there is more in the world out there to look at and to self-educate. 

They even keep them very close to their bed or below their pillow at the time of their sleep.  This is a very much restricted thing to do as the signals from the cell are very dangerous, sleep interference that would lead to tiredness.  So, make certain you keep you smart phones, tabs or laptops 14 inches away from your head.



Having coffee is not sin, but when the intake amount increases then it would definitely make a place. Take caffeine more than three times in a day would affect your sleep cycle, which will make your body tiresome. 

So don’t take a coffee when you are nearing your bedtime.  You better stop taking it after your lunch time. These are the reasons behind your tiredness.

If you are feeling tired these days and want to know the reason, make sure you go through our article once again.


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