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Self-Hypnosis Can Take Out Stress Easily
Jun 24, 2016
Self-Hypnosis Can Take Out Stress Easily

Self-hypnosis is a state of extreme calmness resembling a sleep but induced by one’s self. It is also called as autohypnosis as it is performed by ourselves. There are a lot of advantages for this activity, and the actual key is yet to be unlocked.

Self-hypnosis is more like a meditation technique that can put one through a state of induced sleep unlocking the real potential within. One of the most amazing end results of this mind over body therapy is that it helps drawing away the physical stress from our body making our mind crisp and clear so that body keeps along with the mind.

It is the most effective and safest category of therapy available which can help fixing the stress issue.

Advantages of Self-Hypnosis

• It helps to blow away the stress whirlpooling inside your head, thus imparting a happy self.

• Helps to restore the body balance and boost up the energy level

• Helps improving the quality of sleep, bring more rejoice and peaceful thoughts in your mind thus gives a good night sleep.

• Self-hypnosis can drastically reduce the anxiety and stress, which is much helpful in the present scenario.

• Self-hypnosis can help us achieve our goal, change our habits and helps to rebuild ourselves.

• One can hike up the concentration level using self-hypnosis.

• Like the light blow away darkness, this meditation technique blows away negative thoughts from the mind.

How to perform self-hypnosis?

There are basically 3 steps in the self-hypnosis, following all three perfectly will guarantee the desired result. They are:

1. Preparing mind and body:

Before the hypnosis begins you should prepare the mind and body such that no physical or mental obstacles would draw away your attention from the activity.

• Find some comfortable clothes with enough air circulation

• Locate a suitable space away from noise, disturbances and people

• Find a recliner or couch on which you can rest your body

• Avoid all communication gadgets for at least half an hour

• Plan a goal for the self-hypnosis

2. Going into hypnosis:

By this step, your body gets diffused into the environment creating a perfect blend of hypnosis.

• Close the eyes and imagine that you are wiping away all stress, anxiety and unwanted emotions from the mind. Just think as if you are packing all this stress and worries into the bag and dumping it.

• Try focusing yourself onto a wall, corner of the room, a picture, a point anywhere which could grab your attention.

• Imagine that you are dropping the weight from your body, start from the toe and work up along the body.

• Exhale very deep and slowly release the air and try listening to heartbeat at the moment.

• Some extra steps like wet feet or submerged in water, meditation music in the background etc. would help speed the action.

• Try going into a state of hallucination or a floating sensation.

• Try pushing your stress out of the mind and run your goal in a sequence over the mind, repeat it make yourself take that in.

3. Exiting hypnosis:

Once done for like 15-20 minutes, prepare your body to exit the hypnotic state or wake up from the hypnosis.

• Talk yourself, say that yourself to wake up.

• Try to release the pressure but adjusting the breath, as during the later stages body feel heavier.

• Slowly release the mind from the sleep, don’t rush this step else might give a bad experience.

• Once you are completely awake perfume some reality checks like pinching, patting etc.

• Trying releasing from the posture you are now, slowly stand up and take deep breaths.

• By now you might feel the confidence urging inside your head, try to polish that new experience with the help of some music and self-visualization.

Bottom Line:

So there you go, it that simple performing a self-hypnosis. But the fact is that most fail to do this due to improper practice. Always follow the steps one by one, a prepared mind and body is the key to making this thing work. So don’t waste your time, unlock the Viagra of concentration!


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