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Signs of Stress in Workplace
Jun 13, 2016
Signs of Stress in Workplace

Stress is a state of mind of a person due to pressure or tension which he has to face in an adverse or demanding circumstance.  It may not always be true if a person says that he is stress-free. 

Everyone has come across stress during their life period.  When he or she gets overwhelmed with pressure, his life is affected. It’s quite normal that all of us long to lead a happy life. 

Money is one of the many factors which keep our life moving. Usually work, in addition to money can give experience, enormous knowledge, and wisdom. Also, it gives courage and confidence. 

Because of work, communication skill is also enhanced.  In addition to this, a job which gives satisfaction keeps a person healthy and happy. Stress has both positive and negative aspects.

Stress helps in meeting a challenging situation and sharpens the concentration. But on the other hand, if stress is beyond the comfort zone, the reverse happens. It even retards his memory and concentration.

Stress Track

What happens when a person selects a job just because of high salary? It keeps him fit if it gives job satisfaction.  But when the pressure of work is more in relation to his ability, it creates stress.

The pressure from the executives, attitude of co-workers and family are some of the factors which cause stress. When a person is forced to do a work which is not matching to his knowledge and abilities; it becomes difficult for him to cope up with the circumstances and his performance rate decreases.

Stress differs from person to person.  It is not necessary that everyone should behave in the same manner. Some of us may have come across those people who shout and shows dissatisfaction in every action others do.

Some consider others inferior to conceal their weakness. It becomes difficult for them to control their emotion, which results in finding faults with his/her coworkers or family members.  Because of stress, a person unnecessarily involves in disputes.

Sleeping pattern changes becomes idle and develops bad habits; especially if the person is mentally weak.  Because of anxiety and depression, there is a chance of building up negative thoughts.  Lack of appetite and constipation are also symptoms accompanying stress.

How would I comfort myself in such situations?

When one finds it difficult to cope with colleagues, loneliness results. You have to socialize, when you are facing problems, seek help if necessary.  Don’t think it as a sign of weakness since everyone has his own limitations.

Maintaining good relation with family helps to reduce stress. (90% of the working class ignores this. Nowadays going for a tour once or twice a year is taken as recreation. 

Instead, enjoy small trips with family which ensures good bonding and also helps to reduce stress. If a person decides to spend time thinking of stress at the office even after work, the person will never overcome the stress. Stress overload reduces his physical and mental ability.

By changing the lifestyle stress can be reduced to some extent. Social engagement, exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy diet, and good sleep subdue stress. Developing confidence and accepting challenges positively helps to reduce stress.

Learn to handle stress in a soothing and calm way instead of irritating others. Else, there is a good chance to create enemies around you. Be a good listener.

In the conclusion

It is impossible to control everything in the work environment.  But when faced with difficult situations try your best to deal with it.  Once you identify the warning signals of stress, try to overcome it .If it is really hard to prevail over, seek help from colleagues.

Self-control in a stressful situation is a boon not only to oneself but also to your managers, co-workers, and subordinates. Avoid over commitment. Since too much schedule can increase stress levels.

Meet challenges lightheartedly rather than stressing on others problem. Try to focus on stress relief methods. Mostly, try to find happiness in small things you notice and develop an optimistic attitude.


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