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Sleeping Disorders in women
Sep 18, 2016
Sleeping Disorders in women

Sleep is just a parameter to regenerate your body cells, relaxation is needed for all the organs of our body to rejuvenate. This is most common in women of having less sleep due to many disorders that are seen very rarely in women.

Harvest on Perfection:

Those sleepless nights are not going to start in a day or two but it has been a continuous journey towards the common problem that can be taken care of so many people when they cross the certain stage of their common problems.

It is widely known fact that most of women suffer from many sleeping disorders and especially it is been declared by most of the recent studies as well.

Most of the common symptoms of sleeping disorders


1. Sleepy or irritability during day time.

2. Not able to be awake while sitting, watching TV, reading

3. Feel asleep or tired and giddiness while driving

4. Not able to concentrate on anything you do

5. React slow to people, and most of them complain that you are tired always.

6. Willing to take nap every now and then

7. Feeling like taking beverages or hot drinks for keeping yourselves active.

When you see some of these common problems you are person of sleeping disorders for sure and we recommend you to talk to your physician about this problem and get it corrected as early as possible.


Very common problems that are considered as sleeping disorders are


1. Insomnia

2. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

3. Shift work sleeping problems

4.Delayed sleep phase disorder

5.Jet lag sleeping problems

6. Sleep apnea

7. Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

8. Narcolepsy

9. Keep a sleep diary

If you are conscious in making yourselves away from all these problems then you will need to follow some of these best habits and follow them regularly.


1. Regularise your sleep timings even on weekends or holidays.

2. Make it a habit of sleeping at least 6-8 hours of healthy sleep.

3. Your bedroom or area should always be dark, cool and peaceful with no electrical disturbances, if you have any just try a sleep mask.

4. Turn off all the electronic devices and gadgets in all the rooms before your scheduled bed time so that it might cause your sleep very soon.

5. Most of the lights used in gadgets or devices are causes to supress the production of melatonin which may cause the effect in lack of good sleep.

Bottom Line:

Make sure of sleeping happily with happiness and grace to be healthy and thus wealthy as you might want to live happily and not take risk on sleep and health. Happy bed time.


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