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5 Bird Tattoos and Their Meaning
Jul 27, 2016
5 Bird Tattoos and Their Meaning

Bird Tattos and Meaning

Tattoos have been ruling the world of style with their meaningful and stylish looks.  People are adopting this new style of tattooing with a great pleasure.  No matter what the age is, they just love to get tattooed.  It has to be a stylish statement for both boys and girls.  It just does not serve as a stylish statement, but also as a meaningful message to spread over.

Out of many tattoo designs, the tattoo designs that are going viral these days are bird tattoo designs.  Bird tattoo designs are nothing new into the tattoo field.  These tattoos used to be tattooed from the centuries by our ancestors.  The word bird represents “Freedom” in all sense.  As it flies high into the sky, it literally represents the freedom, which itself is an inspirational message. 

There are thousands of species of birds and almost all species of birds are represented and used in tattoo designs to deliver a particular message.  Even the color of the bird speaks a lot.  Each and every bird represents some message.  Even the positions where these birds are tattooed changes the meaning of the tattoo.  The most common bird that is tattooed is obviously eagled as it represents the strength and pride.  They are mostly tattooed by men to represent their pride and strength.  There are lot more species of birds that are used in tattooing.  Let us see few bird tattoo designs and meaning behind them.


This is a very simple tattoo design with an eagle and a message saying “be happy”.  In general, the bird eagle resembles freedom.  Eagle is considered as the king of sky at olden times as it represents Sun in ancient times. 

As eagle can fly high in the sky, it mainly resembles the freedom and spirit of flying high on top of all other birds.  It also represents security symbol as it is a national emblem for the king of the world the United States of America. 

Representing the symbol of Sun, it resembles the wisdom and knowledge.  Be happy, which is the message associated with this eagle represents the happiness, which in turn is associated with freedom.  


The tattoo design up here resembles a tree with no leaves from which number of birds are flying away.  Let us start with the tree.  The tree is tattooed along with the roots that are strongly rooted into the earth.  There are no leaves that are tattooed in the design.  The branches were tattooed widely spreading out in all directions. 

There are different types and sizes of birds that are flying away from the tree out there.  The birds includes eagle with its wide spread wings, crows, and other birds of same species.  The wide spread wings of eagles represent the freedom with which it is flying high into the sky from the tree.  

The beauty of women is compared with a butterfly.  The wings wide open butterfly itself represents beauty.  The image above depicts the beauty of a butterfly with wide spread wings.  It has not colored with any colors and left in just black color.  

Just like added essence brings taste to the food, the birds that are tattooed on both sides of the butterfly literally highlight the entire design.  The birds on the both sides represent the freedom associated with beauty and vice versa.  The bird represents beauty and grace.  It represents love in all sense here in 
the above picture.  The bird their also represents passion for love. 

This picture depicts the beauty of two cranes.  As I said earlier, the place where the design is tattooed matter a lot, here this design does make a lot of sense.  Two cranes were tattooed with wide spread wings on both sides.  Crane in general represents dance of joy.  It can fly longer distances and it represents tenacity in general.

Instead of designing just the cranes, a design resembling water is tattooed.  The picture is depicted as if the cranes were down to the earth for having water in a beautiful lake.  Instead of coloring the bird with plain colors, the bird is colored with colors like red, yellow, and blue, which makes it look more attractive.  As I said earlier, the place where the design is tattooed does matter a lot.  Here, the design is tattooed on the belly of women, which makes it more attractive and also resembles the tattoo at its best.


This is simply a work of art.  This tattoo design is colorful and meaningful as well.  It is a well-known fact that flowers are compared with women as they represent beauty and they spread happiness among people.  Especially the rose flower represents love and beauty.

In this tattoo design, a beautiful rose flower is designed.  Instead of coloring it with single color, multiple shades of same color were used to color the flower.  Different shades of orange are used to color the flower.  The outlines of the flower are highlighted with black color.  Instead of just designing the flower, to make it more beautiful leaves are also designed and are colored in green.  A flower with fully spread leaves is designed. 

Along with the flower, a hummingbird is designed at the top of the flower as if the bird is plucking something out from the flower.  The hummingbird is known for its beautiful colors and its speed of flying.  Hummingbird represents energy as it flies at very fast speed.  Hummingbird bird resembles beauty.  As it is associated with a beautiful rose flower, it makes the entire tattoo more beautiful.

These are the best bird tattoos and wonderful messages they carry.  If you are a lover of tattoos and also love birds then make sure you tattoo these latest bird tattoos.


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