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Beautiful Tattoo Design And Their Meanings
Jul 27, 2016
Beautiful Tattoo Design And Their Meanings

Tattooing has become one of the popular trends these days.  People have fallen for this trend and are not at all leaving a chance to get inked.  There are many people who see tattooing as a crime and also look down on people who tattooed their bodies, but those days are no more. 

This is not a trend that was set years back; it is a trend that was set ages ago.  People used in ink their bodies even in the ancient time.  For few people, inking is a custom that they have to follow at any cost while for few people they do it with passion or just for fun.

The reason may be anything; every tattoo has a great back-up story and a great meaning behind it.  As they say, nothing in the world is useless, everything has a value and everything is useful in one or the other way. 

There are legions of tattoo designs that were being tattooed by the tattoo lovers.  Out of all those legion designs, there is kind of few popular and most tattooed designs in them.  Each and every tattoo has its significance and meaning.

Beautiful Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

If you are planning to get inked then it would always be a good idea about the tattoos and their meanings to choose the right tattoo for you.  Here are some tattoo designs and their meanings.


The tattoo of a butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, change, and growth.  It is a symbol of transformation as it transfers from a caterpillar to a beautiful looking butterfly.  The meaning of the tattoo changes from place to place depending on their adoption.  For Japanese, butterfly tattoo resembles someone’s soul.  This is totally girly tattoo that most of the young girls prefer.


Om, even though is just a two letter word the meaning is endless.  The symbol Om signifies the sound of life.  It is a spiritual word that has great meaning in and out.  The lines in the symbol signify the beginning and end of life.  This simple symbol packs a lot of power in it.


The Malin symbol is a bit like the infinity symbol with an arrow passing through the middle.  The meaning of this symbol is that you have to face setbacks in life to be able to achieve heights in life.


There are a set of symbols in this category of Glyphs.  These are the symbols from the Greek language.  The common glyphs symbol that is tattooed mostly by the people is so simple with just a triangle symbol and a horizontal line passing through the triangle.  The meaning of the symbol is to explore.  This symbol signifies that to explore the world around you in this beautiful journey of life and never stop doing it.

Sun and Moon

The sun and moon tattoo on the body represents light and dark, good and bad etc.   Either sun or the moon is tattooed by most of the people.  There are also tattoo designs that where both sun and moon are tattooed together.

Zodiac Signs

Each person will have a different zodiac sign and each zodiac sign has a different personality and meaning.  You can ink your own zodiac sign on your body to tell it to the world.  The zodiac signs speak about the behavior of an individual.  If you believe in zodiac signs then you can definitely get them inked on your body.


There are varieties of designs in feathers.  The meaning varies from the type of feather inked.  The general sense of feather is freedom.  They also symbolize an angelic meaning sometimes.  Their beauty makes them totally popular among the simple tattoo designs.  They have different meanings that signify death or loss and in contradiction, they also signify birth and luck.


Roses are another name for beauty.  As roses are available in different colors they are also inked in different colors depending on the person likes.  No matter in what color they are in, they word to word symbolize beauty. 

Roses symbolize passion, love, beauty, and strength.  Sometimes the colors of the rose also signify a meaning.   Black rose signifies loss or death, red for passion, and white for innocence.


There are again different birds that are used for tattooing.  Depending on your interest you can choose the bird that you like to be tattooed on your body.   You can have either a single bird or multiple birds tattooed on your body.  As birds fly high in the sky they represent freedom and hope.


Wings stand for freedom. There are again varieties in wings too.  Angel wings are very popular wings that are mostly tattooed by girls.  The wings, in general, represent freedom.  They literally resemble the freedom of choice.  There are lots of sizes and shapes of wings.  The angelic wings have a meaning of protection.

Dream Catchers

The dream catchers are generally some type of hangings that people hang in their bedrooms believing that they would catch the bad dream they dream of.  There are wide varieties of designs in dream catchers that are popular in inking.  It is like a web that is set for protection from evil spirits, bad dreams, and nightmares.

Tree Of Life

The tree of life has various meanings and in few countries, they consider tattooing trees scary.  The meaning of the tree of life is that it signifies the unity of the universe.  It represents immortality, eternity, knowledge, protection, strength, and forgiveness.


It is too obvious that heart represents love.  It is a symbol of love.  People who are madly in love tattoo this symbol a lot.  A heart symbol can symbolize love for someone, humanity, hope for finding new love etc.


Dragon tattoos are powerful.  There are again lots of designs and patterns in dragon tattoos.  The sizes vary and the size speaks a lot about your personality. Dragon tattoos mean purity, hope, strength, wonder, creativity, and grace.


Stars are the beautiful diamonds that hang in the sky.  Imagine how beautiful it would look if they sit on our body?  Star tattoos mean success and shine.  They represent truth, spirit, and hope.


Dragonflies are pretty looking flies and they mean deep thoughts.  They have deep meanings in these dragonfly tattoos.  They symbolize good luck, purity, prosperity, harmony, and strength.


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