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Simple Rose Tattoo Trend Make Woman Fall In Love
Jul 27, 2016
Simple Rose Tattoo Trend Make Woman Fall In Love

Simple Rose Tattoos

Tattooing has become a stylish statement these days. Tattooing is also called as body inking. Tattooing or inking is not a new arrival into the fashion world. Long back, even our ancestors used to tattoo their bodies with different designs.

The concept of inking is backed up with a message. Each and every pattern and design of tattoo have a particular message associated with it. Also, there are two types of inking i.e., permanent tattooing and temporary tattooing.

Mostly black tattoos, black and gray tattoos, and colorful tattoos are used in tattoo designing. Depending on your side of interest and preferences you can choose the pattern and the design of tattoos, which you want to stamp on your body.

Mostly dragon tattoos were used to rule the tattoos world, but now people were looking for something different and professionals are exploring lots of tattoo arts every day. If you want to deliver a message to someone, you can try temporary inking method and ink it on your body to convey it in the world's best way.

If you are planning to tattoo yourself, then first educate yourself with the basic patterns of tattooing and the concept behind the art. People at the start used to dislike the concept of tattooing, but now they understood the art form associated and inculcated within it and are willing to ink their bodies with latest and trendy tattoo works.

These days most of the women are showing their interest towards inking when compared to men. If you are new to inking or if you want to try something trendy, but yet want to add girly looks to the tattoo art, then you can try the rose tattoo arts that we are presenting you in our article today.

Rose is a flower that alone conveys more than simple words. Instead of putting the message you want to convey to your loved ones in words, you can try this trendy inking concept. As this is an art form, the message you want to convey directly hits the person and that too as I said earlier in the world's best way.

So check out the rose tattoo arts below.


This type of tattooing comes under colorful tattooing. The flower rose is mainly used to describe the beauty of a man and love. Instead of using the same common red color for coloring the rose, they used different colors for filling this art. A huge design of rose flower is tattooed on the body, which is filled with different shades of blue. The leaves are extended out and are colored in shades of pink.

The same design was tattooed on the hand too. The same shades and colors were used to fill the art. On the forearm of the other hand, a tribal design is made. One side of the hand is tattooed with rose flower tattoo art while the other hand was tattooed with tribal artwork, which makes it a unique inking pattern.

As love is always interlinked with a rose flower from ages, this tattoo art proves it once again that it is so true. This design is mainly centered on love. A heart design is made at the center and it is highlighted both in and out with colors. The inside of the tattoo art is filled with multiple colors whereas the outline of the art is highlighted with different designs.

At both sides of the heart design, a rose flower is tattooed. The petals of the rose flowers are semi curled and are colored in the color of love, red with a bit of shading at the corners of the petals. At the sides of both flowers, cute birds were tattooed, which are colored in shades of blue. Below the heart design, a message is tattooed.


This is a simple tribal tattoo design. Tribal designs are mainly packed with dark and bold outlines with black color, but in this particular tattoo art, they used thin lining pattern of tribal tattoo art. Highlighting the main concept of rose, the art was extended to the leafs and curly stems with sharp prickles. This tattoo art is simple, yet looks trendy and attractive because of the black color that is used in tattooing it.


In this tattoo art, without much pomp and show and without heavy and huge designs, a simple rose flower is tattooed with leafs, stem, and prickles in green. This tattoo art resembles original rose as it is colored with the original color of rose and also the leafs, stem, and prickles are colored in green nothing less the original in resemblance. As a highlighting factor star and dots, the pattern is used at the sides of the rose flower.


This artwork of tattooing shows that art can be beyond thoughts and beyond beauty. A simple rose flower is tattooed with broad petals around the flower and few leafs at the corners. The flower is colored with shades of orange. Starting from darker shade to lighter shade, almost every shade of orange is used to color this flower. The petals are colored in their original color i.e., green. At one side of the flower, a bird is tattooed with a sharp nose. The picture seems as if the bird is trying to pin the petals of the flower with its sharp nose. The bird is colored in shades of green and the same orange shade of the flower is used to color the neck of the bird.


This tattoo art is beyond cuteness. A simple rose flower with extended petals was tattooed and was colored with a shade of red leaving the outlines of the petals uncolored. The flower is outlined with a black colored ink. Now on the opposite sides of the flower, small hearts were tattooed and were colored in different colors. The hearts tattooed are in different shapes and are colored with different colors, which makes the entire tattoo look more attractive and colorful.

These are the best tattoo arts with the concept of rose. Try tattooing them on your body without any delay. Happy tattooing!!!


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