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Temporary Tattoos Hot Summer Tattoos
Jul 27, 2016
Temporary Tattoos Hot Summer Tattoos

Tattoo For Summer

Tattoo is a statement on behalf of work of art done by the body and is in advance trend and name in the fashion industry. Today, many people are magnetized towards the art of tattoos that they take it more seriously on a personal level.

Tattoo is a form of body variation, where a needle is inserted into the skin and the ink is infused into it altering the body cell pigment in that area permanently or temporarily. In temporary cases, the tattoos stay for three weeks to a month or two.

The tattoo is getting framed in the beauty world, where people are challenging for natural colors and permanent makeup which can hide discoloration or surgical scars.

Makeup like lip coloring, eye liner or eyebrow shaping or moles for adornment is getting popular by the day. These dyes are preferred cautiously as the areas where the tattoo is inked in are very sensitive and a small damage can be very harmful to the life.

With all the above ideas of sinking in, one may ask if the tattoos are safe to get. The tattoo artists or tattoo makers say yes. Also, they say that there will be a pain while inking in the tattoo depending on the size of the art. And also, while the permanent tattoos hurt, temporary tattoos do not hurt and do not last forever on the skin.

A temporary tattoo is a nonpermanent picture on the skin similar to a real tattoo. Temporary tattoos can be drawn, painted, or airbrushed as a form of body work of art.

There are four forms of painting temporary tattoos on our skin; Decal-style Temporary Tattoos, Metallic Jewelry Tattoos, Air Brush Temporary Tattoos, and Henna Temporary Tattoos. While decal tattoos are readily available in the market in the form of stickers, metallic jewelry tattoos are available in the form of prints that are to be stamped.

Airbrushed tattoos give you the look of a real tattoo but are only temporary in which the tattoo maker air sprays or brushes color over the design to make a tattoo. Henna tattoo is the most natural and safest tattoo with no additives or artificial colors mixed.  Henna is a paste made out of henna leaves or dried henna leaves powder, which tints the skin naturally when applied and kept on skin for drying out.

Brief tattoos are an entertaining and inexpensive method to try out with body art, and there’s no better time than summer. More skin available is more space to have fun!

There are heaps and really a ton of temporary tattoos available out there in the market. You fancy you cherished your job this greatly. Anyway, here are the narrowed down heaps to your choice, nearly all summer-appropriate options. Either you choose one or plenty, it’s going to be a looking summer with these fun and exciting tattoos.

Try these coolest tattoos in this hot sizzling summer!

“Quote Your Love”


Love quotes or the lines explaining your love to your beloved can be the coolest thing ever you would have done! While love quotes tattoo stickers are readily available, defining your own quote may take the time to get but is not impossible.

Fly Like A Bird


Do you love to fly away like a bird? Of course! Everyone would love to fly away from all these worries and be free of all earthly matters. Forget all those tensions and worried by getting a tattoo of a flock of birds tattoo and that too in your favorite color.

Sail Away!


Do you love water? Do you love cruises? Then get a tattoo nautical anchors or something related to a ship. Sail away to distant lands getting these temporary tattoos but be sure that your tattoo is at least measuring 3/4" x 3/4”.

Are You Tough?


Show off your roughness and strong-headedness through your tattoos by getting this “tough enough” tattoo... quotes like I am tough enough to take on or other similar quotes are sufficient to scare off your adversaries.

Fire Away Arrows Through Your Fingers!


Archery has always been a favorite sport for many since ancient times! Archery has been also considered to be for crème de la crème of the society. This tattoo with arrows is adorable and appears truly excellent on long fingers. But they are also very pretty at your wrist or toes.

Fantasy Or Reality?


This tattoo coming up is inspired by the fantasy tales for children like Disney tales or Alice in the wonderland etc. get a belle on your back or Alice on your shoulders and show it off with your off shoulder dress and be the spotlight of the evening.

Go Tribal This Summer


Feather tattoos or symbols are taken from tribal art is perfect for kids and adults in a similar way! Use your imagination to position them onto your back or arm, thigh, and tummy; appears amazing anywhere!

Peacock Has Great Feathers

Peacock feathers are used in designing not only dresses or decals or wall decorative; it is also used in tattoo art. A peacock feather featuring ears or fingers or arms would give you a stunning look. Try this one for sure.

Blend With Nature

Do you love nature? Does a serene, wild forest area full of flora and fauna appeals to you? Then try out the tattoos depicting deer, rabbits, or lovely roses or floral pictures. You would not only like them but will fall in love with the tattoos deeply and madly

Old Is Gold

Does the word vintage sounds appeal? Then try the Pencil drawn temporary tattoos motivated by vintage items, digitally printed on water slide temporary tattoo paper. These tattoos may include a collection of key tattoos, a pocket watch tattoo, vintage camera tattoo and a penny farthing bicycle tattoo.

Points To Remember

Whatever the type of tattoo may be; make sure that your skin is tough enough to endure the chemicals mixed in the ink or colors. Though temporary, the tattoos have to remain at least for a week. Hence check the skin for any irritations or rashes.

Make sure the ink being used in the tattoo making is not a permanent dye.

Apart from these, there’s nothing to fret about. Go ahead and get a sizzling hot temporary tattoo to cool off this summer with your dazzling looks.


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