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3 Ways to Stop Post Wedding Weight Gain
Jul 23, 2016
3 Ways to Stop Post Wedding Weight Gain

Post wedding weight gain is commonly seen in many of the couples, both men, and woman. Weight gain chances are more after the wedding and it begins soon after the honeymoon. Especially women during their first 6 months after marriage put on extra weight. 

This happens because of the restrictive dieting before the wedding or it may be because of settling in long-term unhealthy habits. It even may be because of the contentment you feel after you enter into a happy relationship.
If you are one among them or if you are soon getting ready for the marriage and worried of weight gain, then read this information. It will help you to prevent weight gain after marriage.

Reasons for Post-Wedding Weight Gain

During first few months after your wedding, you can’t say no to things like dinners or lunch and much more. Some of them are listed below.

1. Transformation in Your Life Style

Undoubtedly you can observe a huge change in your life style after marriage. You will start compromising on your health and everything that you do like avoiding morning walks and exercise for the sake of spending time with your partner i.e., your priorities will be changed. All this begins in your life after wedding and because of new person in your life. This finally results in putting overweight to your body.

2. Eating Habits May Change
Once you are married, both men and women try to impress each other. Men will plan a candle light dinner or take her wife to the restaurant and plans for spicy dishes which can stimulate weight gain. These foods makes them over eat which is unhealthy. As women’s appetite and metabolism are different from men, this ultimately adds up weight. Even women will try to impress her men with delicious foods in first few months of their married life.
3. No More Pressure
To keep the attention of their partner while they are dating, they are more likely to stay slender before wedding, but after getting married they are satisfied, happy and secure in their married life. They will no longer have pressure on them for attracting their mate. This happiness and satisfaction are also common reasons for gaining weight.

These may be ultimate reasons for gaining weight after marriage. These mostly happen for all newly married couples. Are you worried of this? Then, do the following activities and stay away weight gain even after marriage.

Ways to Avoid Weight Gain after Wedding

At first talk to your partner about this and do the following activities.

1. Plan for Healthy Diet
Try to influence each other in healthy eating habit and not eat badly i.e., make a start by purchasing nutritious ingredients for cooking and try to cook healthy meals or recipes together. So, nutrients recipes can help even to bound with your partner and it is most romantic activity too. This is also the best way to understand each other. With this you can watch calorie consumption in no time.

2. Plan Your Exercise and Gym Session:
Not just having healthy eating session. You should also talk to your spouse about regular gym and exercise that you used to do it before marriage. As weight gain is common for both husband and wife, start some exercise session or yoga, dance classes, golf, jogging etc.
Pick any of these and do it with your partner. It will give more joy and fun doing it with your partner. This will be also best session for spending more time with your partner. Soon, with this tip you both will look fit.

3. Give Yourself Some Time
It is always not required to spend hours of time with your partner rather as you where new to married life; you can keep up some time for you to plan for your health, diet and other things.
But, don’t worry about this because you can plan heavily for your weekends keeping aside all the restrictions and spend time with your dear partner. But, better ask your husband to keep a look at your carving or eating because you may overeat.

Though you are entering in to new life and being pampered by your partner, you need to set a way to your new life as well as your family too. Don’t spoil your new wonderful feeling of the marriage by gaining weight soon.
But not to worry too much, because if are able to manage fitness with health, then you will not be kicked in to world of obesity.
Hope this valuable information would guide you about your eating habits and life style in new married life and will not allow you to gain weight further.


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