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10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds
Jul 21, 2016
10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Do you want to say I am fit and fine if someone asks how are you? Are you uncomfortable to say that?  It means you were worried about your fitness issues and  weight.  We people are living in this fast moving world where everything can be done in minutes, but one thing we have to keep in mind is that whatever we achieve is not because of adopting to modern living, but no determination to achieve it.  There are many ways to cut off the fat that is stored in different parts of the body. If you are planning to lose 10 pounds, it is not a number that can be overlooked.  You cannot achieve your 10-pound weight loss goal until and unless you attention on it.  Following a single formula cannot take you to your goal.  In order to lose 10 pounds that too in a specific amount of time, it is necessary to choose multiple ways.  These multiple ways include diet, workouts, keeping track of your calorie intake etc.

10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Let us see the 10 ways to lose 10 pounds.

1. Count on calories

Maintain note on each and every calorie intake, from the time of breakfast to dinner. Commit yourself to update it every day and consult it every now and then.   When you keep track on your calories, you will definitely have an idea of eating quantities. This can help you restrict yourself from eating more the next day as you know the previous day calorie intake.

2. Replace soft drinks with lemon water

Soft drinks affect our health in many ways.  The gas present in soft drinks affects our stomach and it is not advisable.  If you love drinking and cannot sacrifice on it then try to prepare a soft drink at home.  Yes!!! You can prepare soft drink at home, but it is gas free.  Prepare lemon juice with cider vinegar.  Lemon works great as it is rich in vitamin C. Lemon juice helps in burning the extra calories thereby reducing the over gained weight.

3. Have fun with walking

Try to habituate walking every day for at least 30 minutes. Make walking your daily routine at least 30 minutes. From day to day try to increase the speed as well as expand the time slot.  Brisk walking can work wonders in burning the extra calories.  Try to inculcate walking into your schedule at least three to four days in a week.

4. Yoga      

Yoga is an ancient way of working out.  It is associated with meditation, which is a form of mental activity to keep your mind at peace.  Instead of hitting the gym hard, you can simply learn few basic yoga asana and practice them at home.  Power yoga works great in burning the calories.  A workout for 45 minutes daily can help you burn a total of 500 calories.

5. Go for a walk on treadmill

If you are obese, it is difficult to run.  If you have a treadmill at home try to go for a brisk walk on your treadmill.  Don’t plan on running on a treadmill.  Try to adjust the treadmill at 7 and instead of running on it, try to walk fast on it.  It can help you burn more calories compared to running on the road for an hour.

6. Divide your meals

We people usually take food thrice a day. Along with these bit of snacks as well.  It is advised to eat food for every four hours.  Instead of eating three huge meals, try to divide your meal into five to six portions.   Eat small quantities multiple times instead of eating all at a time. 

7. Have a healthy snack

Most of us prefer to eat oily and spicy foods as snacks, but one has to observe that they play a major role as they count for a large number when it comes to calories.  So replace your unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks like raw veggies or boiled veggies.  You can take fresh fruits as well

8. Prefer black coffee

If you are coffee lover then try to avoid it as much as you can as a cup of coffee contains 330 calories.  If you have a habit of drinking it twice, then it doubles the calorie intake. You can switch to black coffee if you need.  Black coffee weighs just 5 calories.  Replacing it with the regular coffee you take can help you cut down the hundreds of extra calories you are taking.

9. Replace banana with berries

Banana has health benefits whereas berries are fiber-rich fruits that are packed with more healthy benefits on a banana.  Fiber-rich foods take time for digestion and reduces your starving and hunger for food for a long time.  If you are about to eat a banana, keep it aside and replace it with berries.

10. Inculcate exercises into your daily routine

Make it a daily routine to workout for at least 30 to 45 minutes.  You must be busy in your daily schedule, but make it a point that your busy schedule includes workouts too. 

These are the 10 ways that can help you lose 10 pounds. Remember that until and unless you make it a mission, you cannot achieve it. In order to burn each and every bit of 10 pounds by every way, we have mentioned above. 


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