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Desserts That Help You Lose Weight
Jun 14, 2016
Desserts That Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is always been a problem for many of us today in this busy scheduled life. But, there has been always many ways for this and what it requires is proper dedication and determination to follow them to keep you fit.

Most of the gain weight eating the food that is rich in calories so, we have pinpointed it out and came up with tasty but low-caloric and easy preparation desserts at your home.

Desserts are the one and the best things to go with when you want to lose weight. Don’t worry, you will definitely like them and will love to have them every day in place of high calorie cheesy and oily foods.

So, are you ready to know about them and have those at your hands and mouth? Then, have a look at the below listed out tasty desserts which are simple to prepare at your home if you are on the weight loss plan. This will definitely help you out.

Desserts That Help You Lose Weight

Healthy and Low Calorific Desserts

1. Meringue Cloud:

The almond meringues have the decadent taste but they are actually low in calories and fat. Though it looks like it is not a healthy diet, it really serves your purpose. So, try it once at your home and have them at the dinner time. You will love them to have one more time. You can even serve this dessert to your guests who visit your home.

2. Peaches with Almond Stuffed

The name actually reveals how the dessert will look like. So, start turning up your peaches into the warm and fabulously stuffed dessert. Along with toasted almonds, you can also add dried apricots and amaretto cookie crumbs that are crushed.

Then, you need to bake them in a microwave oven till the peaches stuffed become brown in color and seem bubbly. Tough it sounds decadent, having them as your diet will have fewer than the 200 calories. To add extra flavor to the dessert, you can serve it with a little bit of sour cream.

3. Lemon Mousse

Having this lemon mousse with strawberries that are packed up with vitamins seems like you are spooning up the sunshine. You can prepare this mousse by replacing the fat-free yogurt and gelatin for the general quantities of cream and eggs. This will lighten up the mousse and makes it suitable for your weight loss diet plan. It looks like a delight for the mousse lovers.

4. Fruit Sorbets

Want to have a carving ice cream? Then, you need to consider the homemade and healthier one. You can do it with fat-free and fresh sorbets. They are tasty substitutes for the ice cream. Make it yourself with less amount of sugar adding to the dessert.

Making this yourself will help control the amount of sugar. You can make this delicious sorbets ice-cream either with an ice cream maker or else make it a granita. Both will not change the actual taste it naturally had.

5. Grapefruit Whole-Wheat Fiber Biscotti

This is a healthy and refreshing dessert replacement for your weights lose. Grapefruits are loaded with an abundant amount of immune boosting antioxidants and vitamins. The high fiber content in it is very beneficial for losing the weight quickly if took regularly.

There are 57 calories for two biscotti which are very less. If this dessert itself is not sufficient for you to the dinner, add it up the other light calorific dessert and make it complete.

6. Chia Pudding

Homemade chia pudding is a healthy and wonderful dessert for the people looking for weight loss as it consists of chia seeds which are rich in filling fiber and the omega-3 fats that are healthy which can improve the performance of the cognitive for fueling the dietary decisions smartly.

To prepare this dessert, you need to soak the chia seeds before you start eating them safely. Then, you need to combine three spoons of these seeds with the three-fourth cup of chilled coconut milk.

Let the mixture cool down for at least 30 minutes and finally top this mixture with berries. Hears wow right? Then, do it today and suppress your cravings.

7. Chocolate Cake Pop

Are you worried of carving from the cake? Then, here is the best replacement for it which makes you feel like having the cake. Though by the name you may think that it is caloric, it is not actually.

It will not be stuck up anything and helps you hit your target safely without allowing you to have a whole cake which is of very high in calories nearly 400 or more. This chocolate cake pop with Starbucks has only 140 calories and it is a wise choice of dessert if you are carving from cakes.

8. Peach Crostini

Juicy berries and peaches along with the maple syrup, canapé cream cheese, and fresh mint together make up a healthy light dessert to the dinner. But, be careful while you are choosing the cheese as it can easily add up high calories which distract your diet plan.

It is better to choose the cream cheese that is low in calories. With this, you can enjoy the crostini as a healthy dessert. Take two of them as they both together contain only 8 calories.

9. Raspberry-Ricotta Fool

A fool can be made with cream and fruits. But having cheese will add up the calories to the dessert. So, you need to lighten it up with the low caloric cheese adding it up a citrus flavor lightly. You can prepare this dessert just in 10-minutes. You can either have this dessert as a breakfast or for your dinner.

10. Almond Cookies

Many of us love to eat cookies made of peanut butter. Replace it with healthy and tasty almond butter cookies which add the similar taste. This is a heart-healthy dessert and adds up crunchiness to your cookies. These cookies are also packed with healthy nutrients that are useful for the body.

These are the 10 different desserts that will help you lose weight if you replace the high calorific food with these desserts either during breakfast or dinner time. So, try these healthy and low-calorie desserts from today regularly if you are on a weight loss plan and this will definitely hit your target.

The above are the Desserts That Help You Lose Weight


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