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How To Get Ripped
Jul 23, 2016
How To Get Ripped

Getting ripped is becoming the most primary concern for most of them. There are lots of ways to get ripped. One cannot say the particular way is right and best way to get ripped.

There is a legion of gyms offering wonderful packages to their customers in the name of making them perfectly ripped, but is that possible to get ripped just by hitting the gym.  First of all, you must be aware of what getting ripped mean.

How to Get Ripped

Getting ripped is staying in perfect shape without much of body fat.  Staying lean will never make you fall into the category of getting ripped.  In order to get ripped you need to work on your muscles and not on your body fat and losing weight.

Getting ripped includes six pack bodies; well build muscles, healthy physique etc.  By performing particular exercises or following a particular diet, you can never get through the process of getting ripped.  It is just like a mission on which you need to work hard to make it successful.  You need to follow a strict nutrition in order to achieve your mission. 

There are more things associated and interlinked with getting ripped, which you will learn in this article.  Just get through the article to know how to get ripped.

1. Say yes for Carbohydrates

There are many examples that prove carbohydrates as fat burning and weight reducing things, but not exactly.  Cutting them out from your diet plan will definitely work towards weight loss, but the lack of carbohydrate intake will make you weak and sick. 

You will get tired very quick without performing much of body activity.  Carbohydrates are those foods that are really needed by our brain and central nervous system. 

So instead of cutting them out totally from your food intake, it is advised to take them in proper proportions to get maximally benefited.  It is advised to schedule the intake of carbs in the morning time and after a workout session in proper quantities to get best results.

2. Aerobics

In order to get ripped one has to concentrate on not getting lean, but on burning fat in the body and building strong muscles.  The best ways to burn fat is through Aerobics.  Aerobics include treadmill, jogging, bicycle etc.

As all these activities need a body to be worked up and include body workouts, it not only helps to burn the fat but also helps in maintaining good shape and also in maintaining good health.  The cells in our body will make use of oxygen in order to generate the energy needed for a whole day.

When we exercise, our body needs more oxygen to muscles, which in turn increases the speed of blood flow from the heart to the muscular area, but heart rate and lungs rhythm should always be matched in order to achieve our goal. 

In order to equalize those both rates, we need to perform aerobics in a limited range.  The best heart rate should be around 65-70%.

Try to include aerobics into your schedule and workout on the regular basis in order to get ripped.

3. Fat, Fat, Fat confuse us

It is very important to avoid bad fats and intake good fats. Our body needs fats in order to work perfectly.  Just like other nutritional supplements, we also need to supply facts to our body. 

Most of the people avoid taking foods that are rich in fat, but it is not advisable to avoid foods that are rich in fats.  Fats are useful to keep a check on hunger and help in balancing hormones in our body and promotes body functioning.

4. Replace fruits with veggies

Normally, when people diet, they include all fruits and veggies in their diet chart. It is advised to reduce fruits full of sugars, better replace them with veggies.  Try to take veggies in raw form or after boiling.  Both fruits and veggies in common contain nutrients and antioxidants, but fruits are added with extra sugars, which fall into carb category. 

The intake of more sugar-rich foods will automatically increase fat levels in the body.  So it is better to replace those sugar rich fruits with healthy veggies, which contain more health benefits than fruits.

5. Weight training

Most of the people prefer doing Cardio in order to burn calories.  So instead of concentrating on cardio exercises you better assign yourself with weight training and circuits.  Weight training helps in building best muscles compared with cardio workouts.  Try to include weight training into your workout schedule at least 3-4 in a week.  If you still want to do cardio, then do it for about 20 minutes

6. No alcohol, please

“Alcohol is injurious to health” also injurious to your goal of getting ripped. Alcohol itself is fat content and it gets stored in the body in the form of fat without turning into energy.  Alcohol has many serious side effects on body and health.  It acts as diuretic and dehydrates the body and reduces energy levels in the body. 

Alcohol also affects hormones.  It mainly affects testosterone hormone by decreasing levels of testosterone in the body, which is the main source for building strong muscles.  So try to avoid drinking an excess of alcohol and stick to fewer glasses.

These are best tips and tricks to get ripped. Getting ripped is not simple, but it is not impossible.  It will take time, it needs you work really hard on it, but will definitely yield best results at the end.


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