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How To Use Apple Cider For Weight Loss
Jun 07, 2016
How To Use Apple Cider For Weight Loss

Some mind blowing benefits

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (ACV) is preventive and curative measure in the world of dieting, where its role is a natural remedy for instant weight loss. Apple cider vinegar consists of vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C.

The topic which is heating up the web these days was for including or excluding apple cider vinegar in your daily dietary plans. And frankly speaking, this article will really provide the good and odd factors which are inbuilt in APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to shed pounds of your body weight.

Some mind blowing benefits are:

• Acts as an appetite suppressor:

Its intake leads to feeling full in the stomach where it helps for not  bouncing into the food and also decreases the factor of starving before the meals in a day and this has become the prime reason which really makes the human to eat less and also to decrease his/her starving capabilities.

In the year 2005, a researcher from the European journal of clinical nutrition released a study which proposed that by consuming bread along with vinegar leads to make your stomach feel fuller the whole day.

• ACV controls BLOOD SUGAR:

ACV can be approached for controlling the blood sugar levels of a human body. It has been found in a study that the level of sugar really decreased after consuming Apple cider vinegar before the meals.

• ACV for shedding weight:

ACV increases body’s metabolism and this is the perfect reason for losing out the unwanted fats from the body very fast. As per a Japanese study in the year 2009, the acetic acids presence in the vinegar really helps the body to suppress the fat accumulation.

The ACV also has a big contribution in reducing cholesterol of the body.

• Its reduces the INSULIN secretion from  the body where we know insulin secretion is nothing but fat storage which increases blood sugar level which leads to suffering from Type 2 diabetes so it aids to control it.

• It also excludes toxins from the body, where the role is justified by absorbing the toxins released by the body and later flushing it out to increase the efficiency of the body.

• Apple cider vinegar prevents from cancer, heart health, high cholesterol, improves digestion and much more.

How to Add Apple Cider Vinegar in our daily routine?

1. Start your schedule by adding 1-2 teaspoon of ACV in 1 glass of water.

2. Partly divide the schedule as adding 3 times a day mostly having it before meals.

3. And for getting healthy results prefer having it 1 hour before the meals to help the ACV to react perfectly for increasing the metabolism of the body.

4. If you’re facing problem in terms of taste then have it along with honey, or add to your cup of tea but let your tea cool down and accordingly add 2 teaspoons of ACV and then drink.

5. Including walk for 20 -40 minutes every day along with ACV will provide great results in terms of weight loss.

6. Feeling bored with the regular APPLE CIDER VINEGAR than add it into salads dressings or in some soups for avoiding the same taste.


The reason for using ACV is due to its functionality which leads in cleansing the body in an anti-microbial way.

And the ways to get instant results are by avoiding the intake of fast foods because consuming of fast foods will slow the weight loss process, and you can also add coconut oil and potassium foods to your diet which leads to reducing weight and sugar levels.

Which brand is the best for apple cider vinegar?

Bragg apple cider vinegar is the best one for losing weight and it has the maximum sales in the market along with good reviews, because of its 5% of acidic nature it's been preferred for the most.


Nothing  in today’s present world is natural everything has man’s influence so for that quality reasons apart from it being a natural remedy still a study is required of knowing if  it was worthy enough as a good supplement for the body. So according to this reason there are some tips:

• Firstly, never have the distilled or pasteurized ACV in fact approach for the raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and make sure it contains the mother.

• Secondly, if your approaching for pills then go for the brand, and sometimes the direct intake could cause itching, swelling, or nausea so for such reason consult a doctor immediately.

• Drink plenty of water, with following a healthy diet, so these elements would help you to fight and flush out the toxins from the body.

COMMON question when to consume ACV? And the solution is it does not require any fixed time you can have it right when you woke up from the bad or before going to sleep, the thing which should be kept in mind is the way and quantity of consuming it.


ACV the raw and unfiltered apple vinegar has many benefits apart from weight loss; it has the good features like for fighting against cancer, stops dandruff, lowers cholesterol, health and sugar problems etc.

Just always remember, everything in this world has both good and bad you cannot predict for all the good, sometimes being opportunistic is also not bad, of course when it comes to body and life we are always put our step forward for living the best life than anyone, so I personally feel that it is something that was decided and was born and existing because it was meant to be like the way it is at present. So, when we pick up something, thinking twice always matters because as a human in spite of its good feature and quality of 99.99% we will keep our concentration towards the 0.001% for the odd feature.

ACV has many benefits and using the appropriate proportion in the right place will be appreciated.


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