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Proven Weight Loss Tips Week Plan
Oct 09, 2016
Proven Weight Loss Tips Week Plan

Weight Loss- Week Plan

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss; it is the much-debated topic from years to date.  People do a lot in order to lose the extra fat that is stored in different parts of the body.  Especially women tend to feel insecure about their shape when they are out of shape.  It is quite common as we are humans after all.  Most of the people these days are hitting the gym in order to lose get in shape by losing their flabby skin, but it is not possible for everyone to make time to hit the gym.

There are many diet plans introduced by popular dieticians that work wonders in reducing the weight, but not everyone can follow a diet without any cheat meals.  There are many other exercise routines and other stuff to get rid of overweight, but they are not consistent to the core.  Few diet plans may fail on someone and few workouts may not work well for someone.  So there is no particular evidence or guarantee that people would succeed in doing them.

Weight Loss Tips

Don’t you worry!  We are here to rescue you for a lifetime by letting you know the top tips to lose weight that to evidence-based.  Yes!  You read it right.  We have collected the studies done by universities on weight loss tips.  You can blindly believe in us and just scroll down to know the evidence-based weight loss tips.

Drinks lots and lots of water every day

It is a very well known fact that drinking 8 glasses of water daily will help in burning the fat in the body.


This tip is quite true because drinking water will boost the metabolism by 24-30% for one hour to one-and-half hour, which in turn will burn more calories.


A study showed that drinking a half liter (17 oz) of water about a half an hour before meals helped people to take fewer calories and lose 44% more weight.

Include eggs in your first meal

Eating eggs in the first meal of the day will have a lot of benefits, which also includes weight loss.


Studies show that taking eggs in place of grain-based food in the first meal can help you eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours, and so result in weight loss.

If you are someone who won’t eat eggs then replace it with something that is rich in proteins.

Time for some black coffee

Coffee is firstly not at all mentioned in any weight loss tips, but it does have a good effect on weight loss if it is “just black”.  Black coffee is full of antioxidants and so it has scores of health benefits.


Studies show that the caffeine present in a coffee can boost metabolism by 3-11%, and thus improve the fat burning process up to 10-29%.

Green Tea

Green tea is very much known for its fantastic health and beauty benefits.  Almost all diet plants include green tea as the main ingredient.


Green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which will work towards burning the fat in the body.

Use coconut oil for cooking

Coconut oil is rich in triglycerides, which are metabolized differently than other fats.


As per the studies done these fats present in coconut oil boosts the metabolism by 120 calories per day, and also reduce your appetite so that you eat up to 256 fewer calories per day.

Bottom Line:

Being stronger when you are in a diet plan is easy but to maintain is very much hard. Try maintaining your hands to grab something just like that. Be fit and healthy.


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