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Spicy Recipes for Weight Loss
Jul 23, 2016
Spicy Recipes for Weight Loss

Food Lovers Best Spicy recipes for Weight Loss

There are various different spicy recipes available for people who prefer to lose weight through food. An important aspect of this strategy is spice and spicy food helps in speeding up body metabolism and reduces fat.

The spice in food will increase the temperature of the body and this, in turn, will create heat in the body leading it to cause a decrease in fatty elements of the body.

The body metabolism can be understood as the energy needed for an individual body to sustain for a day; it changes from each and every individual depending on the health, age and body type.

This is liked by many people who prefer not to lose the taste of food but wants to lose the weight. Interesting options are available for people who love food and craving for food also increases their search for new options to try.

Following Are A Few Recipes For Food Lovers With Taste And Spice:-

Spicy Recipe 1:– Chicken Food

Many spice loving families and people are nonvegetarians, for them a very lovable dish would be which is prepared with chicken. This dish is prepared with following important components.

Chicken pieces of required sizes ( choose to depend on serving)

Green chilies as many as you can.

One clove garlic, scallion.

Salt to the required level.

Almond pieces and two cups of almond oil.

And green leaves as needed.

Cooking tools and other necessary items.

The first is to get ready with cooking arrangements and take the mixture of almond milk, green chilies’, one-fourth spoon of salt, small slices of ginger, scallion white etc in a medium size pan and boil this mixture.

Boil and cook this mixture thoroughly till it's got half to its original quantity.

In an another pan, take a required amount of oil, heat it for a good time and place the clean, fresh salt sprayed chicken in the oil pan. Cook these pieces till they get brownish and get cooked.

Stop this process after the chicken becomes tender.

Place these pieces of chicken into the first pan of the mixture and cook this complete combo for around six to eight minutes till the complete mix get rich with each other.

Take this dish onto the plate and this is ready is for serving the hot and spicy dish.

Spicy Recipes 2:- Grill Fish Food

 Fish with sizes cut to the required shape.

 Grill tools arranged.

 Chilli powder.



 Olive oil.



 Ground cumin.

Lime juice.


Green Cabbage.

Sour cream.

In the first step, it’s very important to note that the fish must be prepared clean and ready.

When fish pieces of required numbers ( depending on servings) are ready take a bowl and mix lime juice, chilli powder, garlic powder, pepper, salt, and onion powder thoroughly.

When the mixtures of all these components are ready them apply this paste on the fish completely and leave this for marination for fifteen to twenty-five minutes.

In the other bowl mix the second mixture with Green cut pieces of cabbage, mayonnaise, sour cream, a little sugar, salt, pepper and lemon juice.mix this thoroughly and completely.

When the marinating is done, then take these pieces on to Grill which is on medium heat and keep these pieces for five to seven minutes for complete heating till it becomes soft and easy to pull out.

In food fish, it’s important to note that it should be cooked for a little time since it’s already a soft food and should be cooked carefully with medium heat.

Once the Grill process is over take out the pieces with a fork or any removal tool and serve it on serving a plate with the green cabbage salad attached to it.

Now the food is ready to eat hot and soft.

Spicy Recipes 3:- Vegetable Food

The good part about vegetable dishes is we can use any vegetable whichever is available and cook the dish as we want as green as possible and as much as spice full.

Mixed vegetables







Turmeric powder

Chilli powder

Spices as needed

Curry leaves

Cooking tools, pan, bowls etc.

Take different green and colorful mixed vegetables.

Cut the vegetable into smaller sizes and wash/clean them thoroughly.

Use a clean pan and put the oil of required amount.

Heat the oil for around four to five minute till it gets hot.

Place the onions, garlic, and ginger mix into it and mix this for some time till the onions become light color brownish.

Once this done, pour the mix of vegetables with salt, a little turmeric, chilli powder and mix them thoroughly till the mix gets completely mixed.

After three to five minutes add the required amount of water to it and cover the pan till the vegetables get tender in form.

Keep the cooking mode in medium heat and add the curry leaves and other green spicy leaves before the pan is removed from the cooking range.

Use this mixed vegetable curry with any Rice, Bread, and Rotis.

Foodies will enjoy this vegetable combination with bread and Rice and this combo can be enjoyed thoroughly. Serve this vegetable curry in a bowl with Rice and Bread.

This method of preparation can be used for any type of eatable Green vegetables and can be prepared in the same method. The spice variation can be different from person to person but for weight loss, it’s better to keep the spice component on the higher side.

Spice addition can be done  with chili powder, capsicum, pepper and red chilli, green chilies too.

Studies and experts have proved that a spicy food is a definite help in increasing the metabolism of the human body and a good method for losing weight also.

Use a lesser fat food. It’s advised to get a periodical check up of calorie intake and experts advice for Good spicy food.

Use a good quality pan, better non-stick ones.

All the mix and quantities can be selected based on your food appetite and taste.

The spicy component can be as much as more.

Major items quantity can be selected based on the serving strength.

Tools, pan, and bowls should be selected of required sizes based on the final quantities of ingredients arrived.

Depending on the geographical region different spices and groups can be selected and if not available then now a day’s it’s easy to get them at home with online kitchen shoppings.

Good Food is always good.


Let’s try some of these dishes which can fill your taste buds and help in weight loss.


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