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Kettlebells and How to Use them
Jul 26, 2016
Kettlebells and How to Use them

Everyone in today's world wants a perfect body figure with the help of a workout which is made easier when the tools specialized in this field are employed. But if you will get this done with very less amount of effort then it works as an icing on the cake.

This same purpose is served by an amazing workout tool named as a kettle bell which are cannonball-shaped iron weights serving a very lean and perfect figure within a very short time interval and it builds strength and endurance in the lower back, legs, and shoulders.

The bits and bobs that are to be taken care of when you are determined to use this tool as an assistant in exercises are discussed as under:

1. The chances of injuries:

The proper technique and method of using this tool should be known before employing it because insufficient knowledge may lead to serious injuries to body parts such as the wrist, leg, and others.

2. Guidance during workouts: 

The exercises performed by the application of this tool cannot be learned with the use of videos available on DVDs. If you want a complete knowledge and perform  the right workout, then the trainers available at gyms serve this purpose very well as these trainers alter the exercises if you are suffering from back pain or any other issues which cannot be learned with videos.

3. Use according to suitability:

If you don't have spare money to waste it in gyms then you can get your own kettlebell. This tool is not very expensive and if you have your own then you can perform workouts in the garden with fresh air and sources of Vitamin D or at your home only.

4. Technique:

The techniques are the most important part of this workout tool and when you are picking up this tool, then try to use the legs and keep your back straight as rounded back is not at all a smart choice.

5. Know the right time:

This tool is available in different forms of weights and if you are using this tool while performing exercises then you should know when to change the weight and the duration of a particular exercise with a certain weight.

6. Repetition:

It is said to start with slow and fewer numbers of repetition as an excessive workout in the initial stage of learning may affect your body in a negative manner. Once you get familiar with the exercises you are performing then the number of repetitions is to be increased.

It is very important for the beginners to learn the exercises which are needed to be performed in the initial stage of learning with this tool.

1. Goblet Squat:

The first thing you need to do is to build good technique and powerful muscles which can be achieved with goblet squat. You need to keep the feet wider than shoulder width and hold the tool in front of you against the chest at shoulder height.

Then, squat to the floor by keeping the chest in an upward direction and pushing the hips back with a straight back. You need to push your body back with the use of the glutes and quads without stressing the knees.

2. Kettlebell deadlift:

In this workout, you are needed to make your legs just wider than the shoulder with slightly bent knees from a standing position. Keep the arms straight and hold the tool against your pelvis, then push the bum backward. Slowly stand up and then repeat as much time you are suggested according to your body capacity.  

3. Kettlebell swings:

First, push your bum with your feet placed just over the hip width and knees slightly bent. Then, pick up the tool with both the hands and swing it between your legs. Next, push the hip in a forward direction by engaging the core, squeezing the glutes and straightening the knees to swing the tool up to the height of the chest.

Bottom line:

The exercises performed by the utilization of these bells require a lot of strength, stability, and mobility which one should take care if you want to get effective results. This positive side of this equipment makes it one of the favorite tools of athletes, bodybuilders, and other fitness lovers.


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