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Reasons For Feeling Sluggish While Workouts
Jul 27, 2016
Reasons For Feeling Sluggish While Workouts

A sluggish feel while performing a workout makes it tough to do the practices correctly and efficiently. It is not an issue of a single soul, but this problem is faced with masses.

The cause behind this sluggish feel and fatigue is a Greek to many, those who perform the workout in the evening they assume it is due to fatigue of working the whole day, but there are many who feel sluggish even they perform the task in the morning hours.

The hard work invested by a person goes down the drain simply because of sluggish feeling.

There is an assortment of reasons behind the sluggish feel that is felt while carrying the workouts:

1. Over-exercising:

The workout involves the muscle movement completely and whatever exercise is performed involves the muscular system directly. Exercises cause the wear and tear of the muscle and it involves a reasonable amount of rest so that the body can attain its normal capacity.

People used to perform a huge amount of workout in one day to obtain a fit body soon, but you are aware that a workout should be performed regularly and not excessively. After exercising heavily one day your body will not be stiff enough to perform the next day, which is a major cause of sluggish feeling.

2. Dehydration:

The constituents of the human body have 75% water and this tier should be strictly maintained. The water is dehydrated from the body while respiration, sweating, workouts and urination at a high tempo.

Dehydration is one of the causes of the sluggish feel and fatigue during exercising. An adequate amount of water should be ingested in a day to maintain the water level of the body and it should be taken care especially during summer season because water is lost at a high pace in this season.

3. Nutrition:

Many have a thought that the workouts are performed on an empty belly, but this is a misconception in real. The sluggish feel is sometimes due to empty stomach also because you should be triggered with energy while performing physical exercises.

Not a huge amount of food but a modest amount of liquid or solid should be consumed before performing the exercises so that you have enough energy to complete the task with efficiency.

4. Health issues:

Another reason behind the sluggish feel during workouts can be some health issue you are suffering from. In that respect are some diseases due to which the body efficiency is not equal to the level of others.

If you are feeling sluggish during a workout even after taking care of all the terms important for executing it, then you should consult a doctor and take certain remedies to avoid the same.

The health issue may be referred to a heart problem, sugar level, anemia or thyroid as these are common problems that cause fatigue.

5. Insufficient sleep:

An adequate amount of eternal rest is very important for a healthy body and mind as to keep the eyes peeled. Thus, insufficient sleep causes fatigue and sluggish feel which do not allow you to make out the workout with efficiency and power.

If you want to avoid this then try to have sufficient amount of sleep and sustain your body and mind healthily.

6. Depression and stress:

If a person is suffering from the problem of depression and stress. Something is constantly going on in the mind that does not allow the mind to relax that causes tiredness to the brain.

This hits your body tired even you have not performed any physical exercise. Hence, it is said that depression and stress are another cause behind the sluggish feel.

Those who suffer from the issue of sluggish feel and fatigue during the workouts understand that performing exercises in this condition are like acting it in hot water.

Even there are chances of getting injured in a serious manner that may hamper your everyday task also. It is more salutary to go through the hoops and apply certain measures to avoid this issue and serious injuries.


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