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Supplements And Workouts
Jul 26, 2016
Supplements And Workouts

There is a myth that, women if get a weight training done, she would buff up like males. It’s just a nitwitted concern, women’s body are not toned to buff like men so this worry could be dropped.

You might have seen ladies with muscles, but those are competitive level training, in a normal case weight training would contribute a well-shaped and athletic body keeping you fit and sound.

Thus, it’s very safe for ladies to use supplements to achieve their goal. When talking about supplementation it must be noted that women’s don’t need nutrients as like that of the male.

Her intake pattern is very different from that of the male of similar age, height, and weight. But the happy news is that women can get gender customized supplements from many online stores.

First of all drain, the misconception from your mind, supplements is not used by those who do weight training, but the fact is that it can be used by anyone looking to make their body fit.

The cautious point that must be quoted here is “Supplementation must administer under the guidance of an expert” because you may not know what you need in how much quantity, so an expert guidance from a nutritionist or gym trainer would do you good.

Types of Supplements that you might need


A protein is an amino acid chain, which is metabolically synthesized by the cells of our own body. Proteins are used by the body to build muscles that help in your movement, casting out shape to your body, engaged in several other activities from digestion to respiration etc.

So simply, strong muscles mean it gives you a better chance to carve perfect body. Whey protein or casein protein is easily available and digestible form of protein that you can consume.


This naturally occurring biomolecule helps in meeting spontaneous energy needs, which when supplemented helps in pushing your body beyond your limit lane.

Creatine phosphate has energy molecules which break down releasing a tremendous amount of energy surging through the muscles which help to push your endurance and muscle strength.


Branched Chain Amino Acids, they are a cluster of amino acids with a branched chain on their structure, due to which they are not synthesized by the body but you must consume it in your food. 

An average food standard is not necessary to meet your athletic requirement, thus suggested to consume them as supplements. Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine are the major triads in this class imparting extra energy and proper utilization of reserves in the body.


Well, this amino acid is for those serious builders out there, if you are planning to get some muscles over your body you need to make sure that there is a good blood flow, this means the blood vessels must be dilated than usual.

The safest option for the above concern is Nitrous Oxide (NO), but you can get them directly on your system instead consumed as arginine which will get converted to NO thus ensuring a greater blood flow.


These are usually in tablets or pill forms packing in almost all vitamins that your body requires. This can be consumed by everyone, but according to your physical activity scale, the amount will vary which must be under the supervision of an expert guide. They help in proper working of all metabolic activities inside the body like absorption, digestion, circulation etc.

Bottom line:

Well now you got an idea no how to do, just the thing is to identify what you need from this to make them working. Proper supplementation is the key to unlocking the door to physical strength; if you keep yourself healthy then your friendship with your doctor would be a problem!


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