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Art of Life With Yoga
Jul 26, 2016
Art of Life With Yoga

Yoga, it’s not simply any exercise, but a tantric art of body combining the mind. The inner peace is the soul of yoga. When you take yoga, the body is brought under the control of our own mind; deep breaths in yoga enhance a good blood flow thus ensuring a robust nutrient supply.

Yoga is not an art of single benefit but a multitude of advantages; it can change one’s life completely. There is not end learning it, each time when to go deep into yoga you discover new meadows of peace, harmony, and joy.

This art originated from India about 10000 years back, since then the art of yoga has been practiced by a lot. Many of the famous yoga gurus from India revised it several times pushing it to perfection. Recently United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared June 21 as International yoga day with the initiative from India.

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Importance of Yoga in Daily Life

1) The state of fitness:

If you want to call yourself healthy then you must need to satisfy two conditions, one is a healthy body and another one is a healthy mind because we are defined as a physical existence with the body and social existence with the mind. If both work in perfect synchrony only, we could call us healthy.

2) Alleviation of Stress:

Stress is a mental parasite which eats away energy from you making you an otiose in life. Without a happy mind, you cannot live the life to its fullest. Stress throws you into pit holes of depression, makes you feel alienated, pumps in anxiety, pullulate your temper. Yoga has the key to unlocking the gate to release the stress out of your mind, helps to acquire a calm and peaceful mind, so there lies a good chance for great decisions.

3) Ameliorates your immunity:

As we all know, we survive only because our body is armed with some finest warriors of the earth, yes our own immunity! Without which we would have been another extinct species, thanks to evolution for the greatest gift. Human immunity is a complex synchronous work of millions of cells, neurons, chemical receptors, hormones, vitamins, minerals, blood etc. the list of attendees is very large, so for all of them to work in harmony there need a helping aid from outside, which we are supposed to provide with a healthy body and peaceful mind to align all metabolisms.

4) Surging Energy:

Energy in this context means both physical and mental energy. Yoga always seems so blissful and energetic because he possesses the wheels to keep his life moving in joy. Yoga can help you relax the mind and always keep an optimistic positive energy.

5) Flexible body:

Most of us can’t touch our feet without bending the knee, some event can’t touch if they do so! Lifestyle has brought us a lot of changes, most of these changes never did any good for us, but it was a boon to the hospital and medical industry.

The body needs to be fit in order to resist the nature at times to survive. Yoga not only feeds your mind but makes you fit, in the sense you are not going to buff up like a bodybuilder but gives you a good posture and appeal.

Bottom line:

So the yoga has a lot of things to make the art of life beautiful, the thing is to just take the initiative necessary to master this art. Later you will thank your body for coping up with you!


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