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Key Benefits Of Sun Salutations
Jul 23, 2016
Key Benefits Of Sun Salutations

Key Benefits Of Sun Salutations

Sun salutations are the very basic yoga poses.  They are done in order to reduce the extra gained weight and flab.  But, many people don’t know the history of Sun salutations. 

As the name says, Sun salutations are done in order to salute the sun as he is our source for leading this life on this earth.  He is included in our every work in some form. 

So, in order to salute him, our ancestors have proposed a way called Sun salutations.  Generally, these sun salutations are 12 in number.  Each pose is different from the other and each pose has different effects on our body.  The Sun salutations should be done in a sequence. 

The Sun salutation practiced in the early morning time is the best time to grab more benefits.


As I have already mentioned earlier, Sun salutations done in the early morning time have more benefits than at any time, it is true that Sun salutations should be done at the time of sun rising.  As the sun rays produce vitamin D, the rays following on our body will help strengthen our bones and also helps to improve our vision.

This asana not only helps you in reducing your fat content but also helps in improving your structure. 

You can practice these Sun salutations in a sequence for more than 20 times in a day.  They benefit a lot.

The asanas will help you move the internal organs in such a way that, they will function better. 

They will also improve the blood flow and improves the digestive system functioning.

It not only helps clear our body but also helps in calming our mind.

It helps in fighting with the insomnia disease.

It regulates the menstrual cycles and simplifies the childbirth.

As this asana helps in good blood flow, it ultimately improves the hair growth.

It solves the problem of anxiety and restlessness and increases our tolerance levels to a disease

Here are the 12 poses of Sun salutations that will benefit you in uncountable ways.

1. Prayer Pose

Stand straight with your both legs together.  Balance your weight equally on both the feet.  Relax your shoulders and expand your chest.  Take a deep breath and bring your both arms together and join them as you exhale.  Keep your hands close to your chest in a prayer pose.

2. Raised Arms Pose

Now inhaling deeply, life the arms up and bend back as much as you can keeping our biceps close to the ears. 

3. Hand to Foot Pose

Now slowly exhale and bend forward the waist, keeping your spine in an erect position.  Now, bring your arms down and try to touch your feet.

4. Equestrian Pose

Inhaling deeply, stretch your right leg back, as much as you can.  Bring the right keen to the ground and look straight.

5. Stick Pose

As you inhale, take the left leg back and bring the whole body into a straight line.

6. Salute With Eight Parts

Slowly bring your both knees to the floor and exhale.  Lean your entire body on the floor and raise your back a little bit.

7. Cobra Pose

Now from the floor, lift your front part up until the chest part in a Cobra pose.  Look straight and keep your elbows as a support for your shoulders.

8. Mountain Pose

Exhaling, lift the hip and the tail bone up, chest downwards in an inverted “V” position.

9. Equestrian Pose

Inhaling, bring the right leg forward and keeping the left leg in the same position.  Look straight.

10. Hand to Foot Pose

Exhaling, bring the other leg forward keeping your arms on the floor.

11. Raised Arm Pose

You are again back to raised arm pose.  Inhaling deeply, slowly take your both hands to the peak position and bend backwards as much as you can.

12. Prayer Pose

Exhaling, straighten your body and your arms.  Bring back your arms into the normal position close to your chest and relax for a while.


The 12 Sun salutations which we have discussed earlier are very powerful and yields very good results if done in proper times and in proper ways.  Make sure you do it in the early morning time when the sun rises so that you can get more benefits out of it.


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