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You Don't Have do Yoga in Silence
Jul 26, 2016
You Don't Have do Yoga in Silence

It is a misconception of many that yoga is a practice that is performed in a place that is silent and calm. But many don't know that the main purpose of this practice is to make the internal space of a person calm.

The word silence is not associated with the hustles and bustles of the external environment, but it is associated with the internal condition of a person. There are many asanas which provide this relaxation to the body but if your mental condition is more disturbing and you are not achieving the stability, then with a little music in the background you can achieve this.

It has been the first query of the masses that how playing music in the background is more helpful than the silence in the environment. The benefits of music in the background while performing yoga are discussed in the following lines:

1. Enhance memory power:

It is hard to believe that music can enhance the memory power but music has the capacity of improving this power of a person as music is a not just a few rhythmic words and instrumental sounds but few memories and feelings are also attached to them. When the music is played in the background to which you are attached it will make you remember those memories.

2. Enhance mood:

It is witnessed by many that music is very helpful in enhancing the mood of a person. If you had a straining day, then some mood uplifting music helps you in improving your mood.

3. Assist in meditation:

I already said in the above lines that stillness in the outer environment is not important in yoga, but the stillness and peace of the mind are more important. If you are not having a stable mind, then there is no use of performing yoga so it is better to employ a tool like music to fulfill this purpose.

4. Easy movement:

While performing asanas you may feel some of them to be challenging and tough to perform, but it has been witnessed by many that playing correct music in the background will assist in making those moves easy to execute with fun.

5. Provides Momentum:

Music provides a rhythm and momentum while performing the asanas as it distracts the mind from the thoughts and distractions striking the mind.

How to choose the kind of music is perfect for this purpose? 

Music is of different types and all kinds are not helpful in achieving a peaceful and calm mind. The following points should be taken into consideration before choosing a suitable music for your practice:

1. Choose instrumental music:

The music which has words causes distraction and will not let you concentrate on your practice. It is recommended to employ the music which is instrumental and does not associate with the words. The sounds of flute, harmonium or any other pleasant musical device is a better choice.

2. Keep the volume reasonable and low:

To play music in the background while performing the asanas is good, but you should take care of the volume at which this music is played. A low and reasonable volume provides calmness and relaxation to the mind, but if you are playing the same at a very loud voice, then it can distract you and may make your mind stressed and tired.

3. Music is to be avoided for some asanas:

There are some asanas where music in the background is not fine as they require full concentration without any disturbances. You should know those exercises and do not apply the musical technique to them. 

Bottom line:

The human mind is a factory of thoughts and it is producing thousands of thoughts in a day. The effect of yoga can be noticed only if the mind of a person is stable and music assists in achieving the same. Music is awarded the title 'Sound of Silence' as the noise made with the music is not meant for causing a distraction, but its sole motive is to provide silence of the mind.


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