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8 Migraine Relief Yoga Asanas
Jul 27, 2016
8 Migraine Relief Yoga Asanas
According to medical terms, Migraine which is generally known as a headache is a severe neurological disorder which causes frequent throbbing. It affects a huge percentage of people every day across the world.  Migraine usually ranges from moderate to severe and it may occur on one or both sides of the head also at the base of the head and behind the eyes.

Though medicines are available for a migraine they can give pain relief only for some time or few days. But if you need to prevent a migraine permanently, yoga is the best solution for it. If you are aware of yoga then there are few poses that make your practice easy.

Eager to know about those yoga asanas? Then, continue reading this article.

Yoga - A Permanent Cure for Migraine

The best ever solution for Migraine is yoga. Yoga has taken its root since a year ago and is practiced by people from then onwards and in the present world. It is a permanent heal for many health problems. As a part of it, Migraine can also be cured completely.

The first step towards prevention of a migraine through yoga is to keep your mind relaxed so that, your overloaded brain gets relief. Combining this relaxation with deep breathing, yoga helps in preventing the migraine and its happening. Practicing yoga in this natural way at least for 2 months makes a lot of change in reducing the intensity of a headache. Combining this we have 8 yoga poses that help you get rid of a migraine completely. They are:

1. Child Pose (Sishuasna)

Sishuasana helps you in many ways, clams down your nervous system, gives deep relaxation for the back and is a great reliever of stress and fatigue.

Steps To Perform Shisuasana:-

  • Get started with a keeling position on the floor touching buttocks to your heels.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor, make your thighs little wider and take deeper breaths.
  • Taking your chest towards the thighs bend forward from your waist as you exhale. 
  • Stretch your arms forward along with your back.
  • In between your arms give some place for your forehead.
  • Know it’s time for deep clean breath, so do it at least for 3 minutes.

2. Stand and Bend Forward Pose (Hastapadasana)

This asana stimulates your nerves system by increasing the flow of blood to your brain. It also keeps your mind calm and pleasant.

Steps to Perform Hastapadasana:-

  • Start this asana by standing straight on your legs and make your shoulders wider
  • Stretch your backbone up by raising your hands towards up
  • Now, start bending down slowly until your hands touch the floor and head to your knees
  • If your hands were not able to touch the floor, then take the help of ankles by holding it
  • Finally, take a normal breath under this pose and stay at the same position based on your comfort levels.

3. Bend Forward by Sitting with Two-Legged Pose (Paschimottanasana)

It is one of the best asanas for stress and headache relief and it also calms down your overloaded mind.

Steps to Perform Paschimottanasana:-

  • Be seated on the floor stretching your legs forward
  • Now making use of your index finger and thumb reaches the front by holding the toes
  • Now, slowly bend forward till your forehead reaches your knees and rests. Perform this step, as you exhale.
  • Make sure that your elbows touch the floor also ensure that you don’t breath
  • Ensure sitting in this position until five counts and inhale as you come back to your sitting pose

4. Bridge Pose (Setubandhasana)

Setubandhasana reduces all the anxieties, relaxes your mind and keeps your blood pressure under control. It also rushes blood to flow in your brain thus, relieving pain.

Steps to Perform Setubandhasana:-

  • Lie down on the floor with your back and with flat feet
  • Push your heaps up from the floor with the help of your feet as you exhale
  • For added support, use your hands to be placed at your side
  • Ensure that hips and back are in air keeping your feet tightly on the floor
  • To ensure comfort level and to keep more balanced, draw your hands downwards and hold your finger on your back
  • Stay in this pose at least for 5 breaths if possible

5. Down Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Savasana)

This pose is also a great reliever of a headache by increasing the flow of blood to the ĵbrain.

Steps to Perform Adho Mukha Savasana:-

  • Start this pose by lying your stomach on the floor
  • Next, take the support of your hands to raise your buttocks and stomach from the floor pointing them towards up
  • Now, you look in an inverted ‘V’ shape
  • Stretch your feet until they are flat on the floor
  • See that your arms on the floor are kept apart with a small distance
  • At last, see downwards to your feet and try to stay in this pose for 5 breaths

6. Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

This pose keeps your mind pleasant by relaxing it and keeping it calm.

Steps to Perform Padmasana:-

  • Sit down on the floor keeping your back straight and legs stretched out
  • Next, bend your right knee towards your left thigh and place it over there
  • Make sure that your feet sole are facing up and heel to the abdomen
  • Repeat the above two steps for your left knee also
  • Now, place your both hands on the corresponding knees with palms pointing up
  • Next, join your index finger with the thumb of your both hands
  • Finally, take a long breath when you are in this position. Do it for few minutes.

7. Cat Like Pose (Marjariasana)

It enhances blood circulation, helps for better breath, relieves stress, relaxes tense muscles and keeps your mind relaxed.

Steps to Perform Marjariasana:-

  • Sit on your knees and with your hands on the floor
  • Make sure that hands are positioned below your shoulders with legs placed right below your hips
  • Keep the position of your head in a neutral position with your eyes facing towards the floor
  • Start exhaling and rotate your backbone or spine towards sky or ceiling
  • See until your feet is completely stretched and stay in this pose for 5 counts
  • Now, as your reach first state perform inhaling
  • Next, do this pose in opposite direction and stay in this position for 5 counts
  • Repeat the process as many times as you can

8. Dead Body Pose (Shavasana)

This pose keeps your body completely relaxed, cools down and rejuvenates your body. It also calms down your brain and reducing all the symptoms of stress.

Steps to Perform Shavasana:-

  • Lie down on the floor keeping your legs straight and hands aside
  • Leave all the parts of your body relaxed feeling the parts getting lighter
  • Keeping your face up with closed eyes, focus on deep and steady breathing
  • Feel the sense of peace which comes with it
  • Continue staying in this pose as long as you can and until you feel relaxed
Bottom line:
All these yoga poses are best and permanent remedies to your Migraine and keep it away from your surroundings. Try to make yoga as a part of your daily practice and stay away from such kind of health issues.


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