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8 Yoga Mudras to Overcome Any Ailments
Oct 04, 2016
8 Yoga Mudras to Overcome Any Ailments

Yoga isn't solely an exercise, however, a sort of nonsecular apply to boost you physical, mental and nonsecular well-being. It doesn’t solely visit twisting and curling your body into totally different shapes and poses, however, it conjointly involves some specific mudras expose throughout meditations.

Mudras mean signs take on throughout pranayama and meditations that direct the flow of energy into our body. Hinduism tantras say that these gesture yoga techniques stimulate totally different areas of the brain.

Hand Yoga Mudra and Their advantages

1. Gyan Mudra:

This is the primary yoga mudra pose known as Gyan Mudra or the Mudra of acquaintance.

How to do?

Rehearsal this mudra when exploit mediations. It’s just right when you do it early on in the mornings with a new mind. Tap the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb. The other 3 fingers, you might stay it directly or just stay it gratis, doesn’t issue even if they are somewhat twisted. This is an extremely usually used mudra when exercising the meditations.


This is a very helpful mudra and anybody can exercise this.


As the given name proposes, this mudra is supposed to augment your attentiveness and memory control.

This mudra hones your brain authority.

It has the aptitude to treat insomnia.

Rehearsal this mudra frequently to cure you of all mind and emotional disorders like an annoyance, pressure, nervousness or even despair.

2. Vayu Mudra

How to do?

This mudra can be preparation in a standing, sitting or lying down stance. It’s simple to do. Fold up your index finger. As you crease your fingers you can observe 2 bones. These are named as phalanx bones. When you have creased your index finger the next bone that you observe, you have to push it with the support of your thumb just as exposed in the above picture. The remaining of the 3 fingers should be kept extensive as much as probable.

Do this at any time of the daytime as per your expediency. There is also no impulse of doing this at a vacant belly. You may also rehearsal this mudra with a filled belly.


Once you attain the advantages from this mudra, discontinue doing it. After an assured instant, it may basis disparity within your system.


It equilibriums the air part within your body.

This mudra lets go surplus wind from belly and body thereby dipping aching and chest pain.

3. Agni Mudra (Mudra of Fire):

How to do?

Fold up your ring finger and push the second phalanx with the support of your thumb. Keep the respite of the fingers directly. This mudra should be exercised only in sitting point early in the dawn with a vacant stomach. Keep this mudra for at least fifteen minutes each day.


But if you are affliction from acidity or indigestion, keep away from this mudra.


It assists in melting the additional fat increasing metabolism and reins obesity.

Speed up digestion.

Get better body strength.

Decreases stress and tension.

Reins high cholesterol levels.

4. Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth):

How to do?

Contact the tilt of your ring finger with the lean of your thumb. Pressing the tips of these 2 fingers, keep the respite of the fingers extensive out.

It is preferable that you carry out this mudra in the sunrise. However, you might even do it on any occasion of the day and for any period. Be seated in a padmasana keeping the palms of equally your hands on your knees with direct elbows. Carry out this asana when you sense stressed out and bushed Padmasana escorted by this mudra will instantly perk you up.


Nothing at all. Perform this asana liberally.


It gets better blood movement throughout the body.

Augment patience and acceptance.

Increases attentiveness while meditating.

5. Varun Mudra (Mudra of Water):

This is the finest yogic mudra for your external beauty. It has an optimistic result on your skin and stays it absent off all troubles. An extremely effectual yoga asana for your general fitness let us study to do this mudra with excellence.

How to do?

Evenly feel the tilt of your little finger with the tilt of your thumb. The respite of the fingers should be kept back directly. There is no exact instance to perform this mudra. You might do it on any occasion of the day and in any situation, but sitting with cross-legged when doing this mudra is useful.


Take concern not to push the tilt of the little finger close to the nail. That will reason thirst as an alternative of evaluation the water stage in your body.


Varun Mudra equilibriums the water substance in our body.

It makes active fluid passage within the body observance it moisturized always.

It heals all skin concerns like dryness, skin illness and skin diseases. Furthermore, it also stops the emergence of spots for a longer instance

6. Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness):

How to do it?

Push the initial phalanx of your center finger with the thumb.


After you are the therapy of these illnesses, discontinue practicing this mudra.


Rehearsal this mudra with filled attention will heal an earache within five to ten minutes at the most.

It is also extremely supportive if somebody is unable to hear or psychologically challenged.

But those who are handicapped natural won’t advantage from this mudra.

7. Surya Mudra (Mudra of the Sun):

How to do it?

Push your ring finger and press it with the thumb.


It is rather helpful when it approaches to dropping bad cholesterol.

If you desire to drop weight? This mudra comes useful.

Decreases anxiety.

Also get better your digestion.

8. Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life):

How to do it?

This yoga mudra pose should be going with along with padmasana. Curve your ring finger and little finger and feel the tilt of both these fingers with the tilt of your thumb.


This mudra gets better your immune system.

It also amplifies your eye command and also heals any kind if eye illness.

It decreases tiredness and fatigue.


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