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Akarna Dhanurasana Steps and Benefits Yoga Poses
Jun 13, 2016
Akarna Dhanurasana Steps and Benefits Yoga Poses

Akarna Dhanurasana Steps and Benefits Yoga Poses

Yoga has been acknowledged for its countless benefits and you will bear fruit as the different poses provide precious strength to both the external and internal structure of the human body.

From the bundles of yoga poses, if you seek to find a pose that strengthens the memory power and concentration, then your hunt will end on Akarna Dhanurasana which is a pose that amazingly improves the mental power of a person and keep mental problems at arm's length.

In modern times, there is stress all around the orb which is the center of varieties of brain-based diseases, including the problem of a migraine which is real common these days among the students and elders.

To suffer from a mind-based problem is not healthy for people and the future of the nation as a nation's development totally depends on the psyche of its citizens.

What is Akarna Dhanurasana?

The forward bending poses have a great importance in the world of yoga as it furnishes a number of benefits to the users. Akarna Dhanurasana also known as Archer's pose is one of the popular forward bending poses that also delivers a lot of merits, including, improved focus and memory strength with deep stretching of arms and legs.

The word Akarna Dhanurasana resembles three Sanskrit words, 'karna', 'A' and 'dhanur' which means ear, near and bow. Thence, the pose is performed by pulling the foot to the ear just like an archer pulls a bow.

The dead right steps to perform this practice are explained as below:

• You should sit on the floor, placing your legs in front of you straightly and take care that your back, shoulders and head is in a straight stance.

• Next, move your palms in straight position over the thigh

• Draw your right hand towards the toe of your correct foot, in this course slowly exhale the air and then, slowly pull the foot towards your face.

• With the above act, try to reach and maintain the left toe with the left hand, hold it there.

• Again have a deep breath and call for the right foot to the right ear and hold the pose for fractions of time.

• Exhale steadily and try to attain the normal position at a sluggish pace.

• The pose is required to repeat twice by alternating the legs and hands.

Importance of Akarna Dhanurasana

Why does mental stability and concentration important in your aliveness? We totally have known and felt the importance of concentration and mental stability in our daily routine such as, students in their studies, entrepreneurs in decision making, employees in working and there are many that cannot be counted in the numbers.

Akarna Dhanurasana assists you to attain the same, you can improve your mental ability and concentration by investing a short interval of time from your daily routine as this pose can solve the biggest trouble of your life that is mental instability.

This posture has served many with its miraculous advantages and the pose actually works for the welfare of the society. In another sense, it is an alternative method of medical treatment without any adverse consequence as to attain mental stability many uses to consume various types of medicines which should be adopted after consulting a doctor, otherwise, they have certain side effects if not consumed indefinite quantity.

The concentration and mental stability attained by these techniques is a nine days' wonder, but regular Akarna Dhanurasana increases your concentration power for long tenure without any side effects.

With this, you can understand the significance of Akarna Dhanurasana in today's life because if the brain is healthy, then only your overall health will be fine and you will be entirely fit.

The maximum work that is performed by the body is with the assistance of the brain and hence, Akarna Dhanurasana has a huge importance in making the people live alive and kicking. All and sundry are opting this a dime a dozen way to treat the mental problems.


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