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Bharadvajasana for Neck Relaxation
Jul 26, 2016
Bharadvajasana for Neck Relaxation

Bharadvajasana for Neck Relaxation

When it comes to the traditional art of problem-solving there is a guarantee that the idea adopted will be an evolved one which definitely will solve our problem.  Yoga is once such traditional art practiced all over the world and gained their popularity due to the fact that they are the best key to unlock the mind-body synchronization such that there is a scope of drugless and noninvasive treatment for a large no of diseases.

Consider an early hernia in men, usually hernias are repaired by a surgical procedure, but yoga has a specific set of workouts that’s could help fix them. From head to toe, there lies a scope for thousands of problem, so does the remedy to.

If body creates some problem definitely it holds the key to curing too, this is the basic mantra of yoga. Consider the neck, one of the most wobbling parts on the human body, there are a set of muscles and bones arranged in a complex manner assisting this movement.

When you nod the head for saying “yes’’ to someone, watch your favorite game with a zig zag head everything needs a perfect balance inside the body.

Computer professionals spending hours in front of the computer prevents the exercise for neck thus creating a tension which results in a pain afterward. But all these problems can be confronted in the yoga, thus, the thing is practice an exercise called as ‘Bharadvajasana’ which would help the body release pain from the neck.

Parts involved in Bharadvajasana pose

• Spine

• Lateral neck muscles

• Erector spine

• Internal and External Oblique regions

• Sternocleidomastoid

• Upper and lower shoulder

How to perform Bharadvajasana?

In simple language, Bharadvajasana is the seated spinal twist, but in order to juice the benefit out, it must be performed following the rules of yoga. Basically, they can be classified into three categories based on the complexity involved and seating arrangement.

1. Bharadvajasana I:

This is the most simple and easy variant of Bharadvajasana, in which the legs are curled inwards and either of the legs is stacked over the other making a seating position while the body is made up straight followed by slight upper body turning towards the stacked upside. Now the breath is controlled in order to calm the body and mind, this is the point whether body accepts the posture and relax muscles on neck

2. Bharadvajasana II :

This an advanced Bharadvajasana, in which the seating is made exactly like the Bharadvajasana I but instead of resting body as such the upper half is slowly turned along with the hip (here hip mobility is an important factor) towards the stacked up leg side and held for about a 20 – 30 sec. This requires a bit of practice to master it. This version has more benefits than the ordinary Bharadvajasana.

3. Chair Bharadvajasana:

An armless chair is used in this pose. Sit sideways on the chair and move the hand adjacent to the backrest to away from the position slowly twisting the body finally resting on the back opposite buttocks. The free hand can be used to support the body.

Benefits of Bharadvajasana

• Stretches spine, neck, and shoulder muscles

• Provides a massaging effect to abdomen

• Aids Digestion

• Helps controlling stress

• Helps strengthening the lower back muscles.

• Therapeutic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.


Any exercise might go wrong if proper respect is not paid. Usually lazy attitude while working out is the major reason. Yoga exercises require precise mind over body control, so tune the body and mind before exercise. Make sure that both buttocks are properly rested on the floor for better spine alignment. Don’t try twisting the hip during initial stages if Bharadvajasana, this must result in a sprain sometimes.

Bottom line:

So that’s the pack of knowledge which might offer an aid for neck joint pain, strain, and other related problems.


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