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Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) strengthen lungs
Jun 14, 2016
Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) strengthen lungs

Yoga is an ancient science of healing and medication which is introduced to the world by oriental countries. In yoga the treatment is done by the exercises which involve the breathing movement along with it, meditation is another part of yoga which makes it effective for treatment of mental problems like hypertension, stress, and other problems.

Yoga is more preferred nowadays because of its easy and instant implementation which produces the desired result in a very short time span. The yoga is vast, but it has a solution to all the body related problems; it covers almost all the cures that help in the betterment of human body.

Dhanurasana or bow pose is among some popular exercises in yoga, it is very beneficial and solution to so many problems related to various parts of the body.

Bow means Dhanur in Sanskrit, in this asana or exercise body is stretched and shaped liked a bow therefore it is named as Dhanurasana or Bow Pose. Bow pose is favorable in healing many problems and it can also be a single solution to multiple problems like respiratory, digestive, sexual, hormonal, gastric, muscular and obesity.

Bow pose is done in few single steps but needs to be worked out for few days to achieve perfection, but the results are noticed soon. As it has so many benefactors which make it very effective and popular as compared to other yoga asana or exercises.

How to do Dhanurasana or Bow Pose:

• Step1. Lie down on the floor to your stomach; put your both palms of hands below your chin and look ahead straight.

• Step2. Now breathe in, bend your knees raise your both leg towards your hip, hold the toes of your feet with your hand and now stretch your body. Keep your face and upper body lifted, the body will now be on your abdominal part only, shaped like a bow. Hold this posture as long as you are comfortable; don’t try to hold it beyond your limits.

• Step3. Now breathe out, slowly low down your legs and hands and gently put your face and upper body part on the surface like it was in Step1.

• Step4. Relax in the Step1 position for a while and repeat the same steps again.

Repeat the above steps in the same sequence at least 10 times or the frequency you are comfortable with, every day to get the proper benefits of Bow Pose.

The benefits of Bow Pose are:

• It helps to enhance spine health

• Aids digestion

• It is beneficial for the growth of pancreas.

• It circulates the blood properly in the body and makes skin glow.

• Blows stress out of mind.

• It helps in making the muscles strong and shapes them well.

• It is a good cure to menstrual problems in females and sexual problems in males.

• It also helpful in curing respiratory disorders.

Precautions while doing the Bow pose

There are some precautions that are always to be taken while doing bow pose or Dhanurasana.

• Don’t stretch your body beyond a comfort level, it requires practice and time to extend the range of flexibility.

• Never hold a position for longer time as it might cause strain to internal organs

• Breath in and out respectively to get positive outcome

• Maintain a neutral and calm face while doing yoga

• Consult a doctor before doing yoga if you have any muscle spasms or related problems.

• Pregnant ladies should not attempt Bow pose

• Those suffering from blood pressure, severe heart disease and post-surgery lurker please stay away from Bow pose.

Bottom Line:

Yoga has the vital power to calm down the body from head to toe, apart from that it is a tonic to the soul which has the ability to keep the soul synchronized with the body.

Thus, a yoga has physical and mental upper hand in comparison with fellow beings, because his/her body has least chance to fall apart from the zone of comfort.


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