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Quick Weight Loss by Cat Pose
Jul 20, 2016
Quick Weight Loss by Cat Pose

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss - Cat Pose 

Yoga is an ancient way of exercising originated from the oriental world, there is always a dilemma prevails that yoga is hard or requires too much discipline or your tough body movement, but it is far more different in reality.

Yoga is a kind of exercise comprises of exercise (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation; the tough physical postures or exercises are practiced on a higher or pro level. In present world yoga is treated as a good medical treatment to overcome many disorders of the human body, there are many particular exercises in yoga that are for the particular problem or for a set of problems related to a particular part of the body.

Bidalasana or Marjaryasana or Cat Pose is an asana in yoga which helps to overcome many problems such as obesity, constipation, muscles related issues, spine related problems and many other.

In cat pose or Marjaryasana a person has to stand in a posture like a cat that is the reason why it is named as cat pose. When a person performs a yoga posture first start with the beginner’s level and slowly move towards the advanced level.

Cat pose improves the digestion which improves our metabolism level and this will help to lose weight fast. We often see there are some people who eat a lot but don’t gain weight it is because their metabolic rate or digestion rate is way faster than their speed of eating food.

Cat pose improves digestion which boosts our metabolic rate and helps to lose weight. It is everyone’s desire to remain fit and in shape, which makes this simple exercise a favorite one.

Let us take a look on it how to perform Cat Pose, there are some simple steps to do it they are:

Put your body on your hand and knee, just like the position when a baby crawls on the floor, but you don’t need to crawl be stationary. Make sure your hands are straight and back of your palms are straight in front of your shoulders. Keep your palms settled firmly on the floor and similarly keep your knee surfaced on the floor.

Step 2
Now, inhale breaths while raising your chin upwards, pushing your tummy downwards and keep you hip up and firm. Hold this position as long as you can do it comfortably.

Step 3

Now exactly reverse the Step2, breathe out while downing your chin to your chest, pull your tummy upwards (towards inside) and support this position with your hip inwards. Hold this position as long as it goes comfortable with your body.

Step 4
Revert back to the normal position as it was in Step1.

Repeat the above steps in the same sequence at least 10 times every day for the desired results.

The benefits of Cat Pose are:

•    It helps to overcome spine disorders.

•    It improves metabolism activity and digestion.

•    It circulates the blood properly and makes skin glow.

•    It relaxes mind and body.

•    And most important, the inward and outward movement shapes the abs and makes muscles stronger.


There are certain precautions that are always to be considered while doing cat pose or Marjaryasana. Don’t try to stretch your body beyond your comfort level, don’t hold any position for a long time if you feel pain or stress in it, breath in and out respectively to get positive outcome, keep your face expressions calm and normal while doing yoga, if you are having any muscle disorder then you should consult your doctor first before doing the yoga.

The yoga is done for the betterment of body and mind; therefore, it is always our prime duty to follow the precautions as well with the instructions. As the body go with the soul and inner peace, then a Doctor would be someone whom we might have to lose in acquaint. 


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