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Tadasana is Back Pain Medical Cure
Jul 27, 2016
Tadasana is Back Pain Medical Cure

Tadasana is Boon to Back Pain

The population, which is adversely affected by the problem of back pain that takes donkey's years to get completely.cured should fit the bill at the earliest. It is very common to get trapped with back pain after a certain age limit and is now a problem of masses at the young age.

On the way to get rid of this pain many uses to devour a variety of painkilling pills and gels but sometimes all these techniques end in smoke and make your down and out.

Even, these pain killing pills are harmful to the human body as it adversely affects the body and their long time consumption may cause some diseases.

Yoga has been proved a remedy for many health, muscles and bone issues and Tadasana is a yoga position which is a helpful remedy when it comes to the issue of back pain.

What is Tadasana?

Tadasana which is also referred as Mountain Pose that has numerous benefits for a human body as it improves the posture, balance, focus and is helpful in curing back pain as well.

Born from the ancient Sanskrit literature the word meaning implies ‘Tada’ as mountain and ‘asana’ to be the posture, which later became the root foundation of many yoga exercises.

To learn this pose very carefully and accurately is very significant if you want to learn many other poses with ease. Tadasana requires a lot of concentration of the mind and also helpful in releasing the stress of the psyche.

Here, is the dead right way of performing Tadasana:

• Stand straight on your feet, in a manner that the balls and arches of feet bear equal weight. Focus on the pose and breathe in a rhythmic style.

• Then, the toes are to be pressed together, lifted and spread apart and ultimately place them back on the ground one by one.

• Next, draw down heels and stand straight on the legs by firmly placing the feet along the ground.

• Lift the ankles and the arches of your feet and also nip the outer shins toward each other.

• Then engage the quadriceps by carrying the crown of the thigh up and back and also rotate the thighs by widening the sit bones.

• The tail bone is slightly tucked without rounding the lower spine and the back of the thighs is lifted and buttocks are released.

• The pelvic bone is brought to the neutral stance and also draw the belly slightly.

• When you will inhale, then don't forget to elongate through the torso and while exhaling the shoulder blades are to be released away from the head and towards the back of the waistline.

• Next, the collarbone is broadened by keeping the shoulder in line with the sides of the torso. The shoulder bone is compressed towards the back ribs without squeezing and allow the inner arms to rotate slightly outwards.

• Hold a steady breathing and with each exhalation, the spine is felt to be stretched.

How do Tadasana works for back pain?

The next query which is commonly asked is how this yoga asana works on back pain. The simple logic behind its positive effects when it comes to the back problem is that this exercise provides total stretch and exercise to the body and hence, improve the flexibility and helps to obtain rid of back pain.

It firms abdomen and buttocks, thighs, knees, ankles and each part whichever can be the heart of pain, which forces the back pain to leave the body.

Not only Tadasana is beneficial for the external structure, but also, it provides unlimited benefits to the internal structure, for this, you should keep pants on.

It should be remembered that a correct Tadasana pose has positive effects as the incorrect pose may affect the body in a negative direction and cause more muscle pain and sometimes swelling that cause a bad situation for you and all the hard work you are investing goes in vain.

Bottom Line:

So, it is mandatory to practice the correct pose with the fullness of time, if you want to experience the power of Tadasana and its miraculous effects.


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