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Utkatasana-Chair Yoga Poses What Is It Doing For You
Jun 14, 2016
Utkatasana-Chair Yoga Poses What Is It Doing For You

An alive and kicking body is the most important thing for each and every athlete as it bears upon their performance. The consistency of an athlete requires to be strong to overcome small injuries and to cure at a high pace.

There are many poses that assist in making the muscles of the body strong enough to catch rid of injuries soon. Among these poses is the chair pose which is an effective exercise for strengthening the thighs, ankles, calves and back.

What is Utkatasana?

Utkatasana which is also named as chair pose or fierce pose or the powerful pose mentioning the power that the body of athletes wants to attain by performing this yoga pose.

The model is very simple to perform, just one has to pretend like sitting on a chair, but actually there is no chair and one has to sit in the air by folding the thighs. This pose delivers amazing benefits to the body of athletes for making it potent.

Some of the benefits of Utkatasana are:

1. This posture is very beneficial in stimulating the heart and diaphragm which is not generally achieved with ease by just performing yoga.

2. Chair poses assists in improving the stamina of the athletes, which is an important tool for them to execute better.

3. This pose improves the effectiveness and stability in performing other standing poses.

4. One of the best things about this pose is that it improves the strength of thighs and hips and hence, make it stronger.

5. This pose assists in opening the arms and shoulders that make the chest broader.

6. The muscles of several joints are strengthened, including hips, shoulder, knees and ankles that reduces the chances of severe injuries like, fractures.

7. This pose does not cause wear and tear on the body, but it helps in healing the body without much effort.

8. While performing athletic activities the breathing problem is commonly caused and this pose is very helpful in improving the breathing capability of the athletes performing it.

How to perform the Utkatasana pose?

In reality, the Utkatasana pose is very simple and easy to perform, but the pose needs to be performed in a correct way because the incorrect way may cause certain severe problems including body pain.

The dead right way of performing this pose is explained as below:

•The first step that should be taken by the performer is the pose of Tadasana or the Mountain pose.

•Take care that the big toes of the feet should be kept in touch and the heels should be kept apart from each other.

•The lower belly should be sucked less inward to support the spine and the shoulder blades need to move down by keeping the chest open and thrusting out across the shoulder.

•Next, you have to take a deep breath and the arms are lifted over the head. The arms should be kept up by keeping the palm joined together facing the inward direction or they can be kept parallel also.

The thing you should take care is the arms should be kept at the same level or in the front of the auricles. 

•You need to bring the lower ribs towards the pelvis of the body and then breathe out before bending the knees. Slowly try to make the thighs parallel to the ground and the knees should move out in front of the feet.

The torso should make a right angle with the upper part of the thigh, the inner thighs should be parallel to each other and the heads of the thighs should be used to press the heels.

•By keeping the ends of the shoulders firm, the tailbone is brought down to the ground and towards the pubis to elongate and stretch the lower bone.

•The pose is held for 30 seconds to one minute and the pose is relaxed by straightening the knees while breathing in and then breathe out and attain the tadasana pose again.

Chair pose is not like other poses that seem like a cakewalk to perform, but actually, they are a wild goose chase. This pose is gaining popularity, particularly among athletes who needs to make their body muscles strong.


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