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Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth
Oct 06, 2016
Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth

Women literally treasure their crowning glory with their heart and soul.  They do their best to safeguard it from falling and from showing signs of any bad hair conditions.  They adore it just like a life filled being.  Head of hair is everyone’s dream.  This is not just for lasses, but also for lads.  There are many people who suffer mentally because of the hair fall and other hair conditions.

Even though we put all our efforts into protecting it, our living habits, food habits, and pollution filled environment literally nullify all our efforts, and therefore leading to hair fall in many people.  Out of 10, 8 members are suffering from hair fall and other hair conditions.  There are many cosmetics and herbal products that claim to help us with our hair problems, but most of them fail to do so.

If one is suffering from hair fall or other hair problems, then he/she should first set to find out what is the reason for it.  If one does not know the reason, how could he/she find out the treatment for it?  There are many reasons behind getting prone to hair fall and other hair problems.  The most commonest reasons are due to age, stress, medicine usage, hormonal imbalance, improper diet, excessive use of chemical filled hair products, and of course genetics. 

Today we have come up with the best solution for all your hair problems.  This method is an ancient method, but has made its name for its amazing benefits.  The method is none other than Yoga.  Yoga is an ancient form of exercise regimen that has a great name for its benefits.

There are few yoga poses that are into the light for their beneficial benefits in promoting hair growth.

Ultimate yoga asanas for hair growth

Thunderbolt Pose or Vajrasana

This is a very simple pose in Yoga.  This yoga pose is also called diamond pose or vajrasana.  This yoga pose improves the blood flow in the upper body and also energise us.  Sit on the knees and rest your back on your heels.  Place your palms on the thighs facing downwards.  Take a good breath and keep your back straight.  Sit in that position for two minutes and then relax.

Downward Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana

This yoga pose is best for stress bursting.  This asana will help improve blood flow in the head thus improves the hair growth.  Stand with flat feet on a mat.  Rest your hands on the sides of the body while facing the palms towards the thighs.  Slowly bend forwards and place your palms on the ground.  Inhale deeply and tuck your tummy inside.  Stay in this pose for a minute and come back the relaxing position while exhaling.

Shoulder Stand Pose or Sarvangasana

This asana will greatly to improve the hair growth.  This is easy to do a pose that promotes good hair growth.  This pose helps to improve the blood flow in the head and thus promote hair growth. 

To do this pose, lie down on a mat facing your head back. Lift your legs from the floor and support your hips with the help of your shoulders to make a ninety-degree angle.  Exhale deeply and raise your waist and push your legs backward back to the head.

Standing Forward Bend Pose or Uttanasana

This is a very well known pose in Yoga that most of the people do, but most of the people would not know that it contributes to hair growth.  Stand straight and inhale deeply.  Bend forward and let your palms touch the ground.  Stay in this position for half minutes and relax by coming into relaxing position.  As you bend forward the blood flows into the head and thus improves hair growth.

Camel pose or Ustrasana

Camel pose or ustrasana pose helps in rejuvenating the blood cells of hair.  To perform this asana, sit on your knees with back straight.  Now bend back by putting your hands on the feet and bend your head back.  Stay in this position for half minute and relax.

Rubbing Nails Posture or Balayam Yoga

This is most recommended Yoga posture for hair growth.  You no need to have a place or a yoga mat to perform this one.  Just rub the nails of both hands with each other leaving the thumb figure.  You can do this nail posture anytime and anywhere.

Rabbit Pose or Sasangasana

Sit on your knees keeping your back straight.  Now bend forward and lean your head on the mat facing towards the thighs.  Life your hip a bit up and take your hands backwards and touch your heels with them.  Stay in this position for two minutes and relax.

Fish Pose or Matsyasana

This pose is not just good for hair growth, but also for burning of fat in the thighs.  This is quite an easy pose to do.  Sit on your knees on the mat and slowly divide the both legs apart and sleep on your back leaning your hand on the floor.  Raise your waist a bit set your hands freely sideways.  Stay in this position for half minute and relax.

Raised Feet Pose or Uttanpadasana

Raise feet or uttanapadasana is also an easy pose to perform.  All you need to do is lie down on the mat facing your back and raise your two legs in 90 degrees angle.  Keep your hands stretched sideways. 

Deep Breathing Or Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati is no less than a meditation. This asana is nothing but a breathing exercise that has loads and loads of benefits in it.  One among those benefits is hair growth.  Sit straight on the floor with your legs crossed like you sit for padmasana or lotus pose.  Inhale deeply and start exhaling the air in puffs.  Mingle your stomach with your exhaling every time.  You can do this asana as many times as you wish.

Bottom line:

These are the ultimate yoga asanas for hair growth.  In order to get benefited by these asanas, you have to increase the amount of time you perform from day to day.  Make certain to perform these simple yet effective yoga poses to improve your hair growth.


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