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50 Best Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know to Look Beautiful
Aug 13, 2016
50 Best Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know to Look Beautiful

Girls mean beauty icons of the world.  They make this world look gorgeous with their 2-inch smiles.  But sometimes due to the different situations they go through their beauty wears off with time. We cannot pass all the blame onto the age.  The age factor is something that comes in everybody’s life.  

No one can stop the age, keeping the age factor aside there are many ways to protect the beauty by following few simple tips.  You must be aware you’re your face is a mirror of yourself. The food we take, the workouts for the body, the work we choose to do, everything has a great impact on our life. 

So there is an absolute need to take care of every minor aspect in order to maintain the beauty even you hit the 60s. Sometimes the things you overlook thinking that they are good for nothing will ultimately turn out too serious issues in the future. 

So today in our article we are presenting our readers with the best ever beauty tips to be and look beautiful even at your 60s from head to toe.  It covers hair, skin, makeup, nails, etc. 

So read on to know what those 50 beauty tips are.

There go the 50 beauty tips for you

1) Before applying makeup make sure to apply moisturizer on your face that suits your skin type.

2) Start your blush immediately next to nose leaving a 2-finger-width space.

3) If you have a big face and want to cover it use bronzer to outline the jaw line to help your face appear small.

4) In order to make your eyes look bigger outline your waterline with nude eyeliner.

5) If you have thin and light eyebrows make sure to touch up with a brush using mascara.

6) Few people prefer washing hair daily but say no to daily washing.  Wash your hair two to three times weekly.

7) We use a scrub to remove the unwanted dirt from the body, which soap alone cannot do.  So use body scrub before better skin tone.

8) If you are going to a party and want to shine in the night then apply some glittery lip gloss or eye shadow to make them appear bigger and pouty.

9) In summer, don’t go with heavy foundation creams.  Make use of a simple BB cream.

10) If you are having pimples and their marks use tea tree oil to get rid of them.

11) Don’t apply conditioner onto the scalp.  The shampoo is made for scalp whereas conditioner is made for hair.

12)  If you make up daily then make sure you keep your makeup brushes clean.  Clean them once in a week so as to stay away from infections or breakouts.

13) Most of the people have with dry lips.  Don’t make up your lips even though they are dry.  Try to exfoliate them before applying lipstick.  Try to apply pure ghee or Vaseline to your lips all the night so that the dryness remains no more.

14) After applying a conditioner or having a hair mask, make sure to rinse your hair with cold water so as to lock the moisture in the hair.

15) In order to close pores and remove excess oil use Toner.

16) Take the help of a clarifying shampoo once a week to help get healthy hair.

17) If you are suffering from burned skin then take a piece of fresh cloth and dip it in milk.  Place that cloth all over the face and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.  Milk helps in soothing the burned skin.

18) To get rid of ingrown hairs, exfoliate two to three times in a week.

19) If you are using wet makeup products, make sure to replace them with new ones every three to four months.

20) If you have dry skin, take help of milk cleanser.

21) If you want curly eyelashes then make use of a lash curler.  Heat the last curler with a blow dryer and curl your lashes carefully.

22) Don’t forget to apply sunscreen.  Even you are in the house it is mandatory to apply sunscreen for protected healthy skin.

23) Trim your eyebrows immediately following your shower.  This helps you to go through less pain while plucking as the pores opens at the time of the hot shower.

24) If you find new gray hair popping out of your black hair, then instead of coloring it use mascara.

25) When you are blushing your cheeks make sure to apply light pressure.

26) Use a mascara that is waterproof.  You don’t need to worry about panda looking faces if you accidentally rub your eyes.

27) Store your moisturizer in the refrigerator so that it gives a refreshing look to your skin when applied in the morning.

28) For beautiful cuticles apply eye cream or Vaseline to your cuticles.

29) Go for regular spas in order to improve your hair growth and also to increase the volume of your hair.

30) Apply highlighter to your lips for an appealing look.

31) If you are feeling too dry apply some olive oil on the skin.

 32) Don’t apply too much of makeup.  Go with simple makeup.

33) If you want to straighten your hair let your hair air dry before doing applying heat to the hair.

34) To remove extra nail polish on the sides of your nails use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover.

35) In order to get healthy looking heels, use a pumice stone to remove the dry skin and apply a good moisturizer to the feet.

36) Always carry a lip gel with you.  Apply it every now and then to keep your lips dry-free.

37) In order to attain silky hair blend bananas or avocados and apply it to the hair.

38) If your lipstick went out of line then take the help of a concealer to remove it.

39) If you want to highlight your eyebrows apply glittery highlighters to do so.

40)  Try to match up your attire, lipstick and blush to look attractive.

41) For a wavy hair, you need not wave it actually.  Try to braid your hair before night to make it look wavy by the next take morning.

42)  Try to use toothpaste to reduce the pimples size. Just in case it’s needed urgently for a party look.

43) Take out unnecessary and out of date products from your makeup box every now and then.

44) Sleep on silk pillow case to prevent further hair breakage or early age wrinkles.

45)  Look dewy by highlighting your cheekbones.

46) In order to help your manicure, the last longer appliesï a plain topcoat every day.

47) Take the help of milk cleanser to wash your face.

48) Always wash off your makeup before going to bed.

49) Don’t let your fingers go into your hair always.  It would disturb your hair from the way it styled.

50) Moisturizer is mandatory.  Let that be any season.  Make sure to apply a moisturizer.

Bottom Line:

Here we are with the wonderful 50 best tips for beautiful women. It’s your turn to follow and look wow girl always.


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