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Cautions To Be Taken While Putting Red Lipstick
Feb 10, 2017
Cautions To Be Taken While Putting Red Lipstick


Women’s lips can be considered as a beauty enhancing factor.  No matter how beautiful women are they still love to look fashionable with new trends and styles.  Woman’s all time favorite color is red, obviously as it might be the color of love and romance.  It is an evergreen lip color that makes women shine before the world.

When a comparison session is conducted between red lipsticks and other colors, they stick to their all time favorite color red leaving all other colors behind. 

Red lipsticks are classy, modish, and bold.  The reddish red lipstick is also a stylish statement for many celebs. Red lipsticks go well on fair skin tones and will look odd on darker complexions are proved wrong. 

No matter what type of skin tone you have red color lipstick will complement the best way.

There are few do’s and don’ts to follow while coloring your lips with red color lipstick.  

So here we are to present few must remember and should follow cautions while putting red lipstick.

Choose the right shade

Start your hunt for a red lipstick that is perfect shade.  It is the common fact that there will be numerous shades of every color.  There will be numerous shades of red color.  In order to choose the right shade that goes well with you, you need to first give them try. 

In many fashion stores, they provide lipstick testers. Choose the best shade that suits your skin tone. 

Don’t directly put lipstick sticks on your lips as they are testers and may be used by many other people.  Just put some lipstick on your fingers and apply it on your lips to see how it looks on you.  Choose best shades that go highlighting your beauty.

There are some rules to remember before purchasing red lipstick.  Go with darker shades of red if your complexion is fair. Don’t go for orange shades of red.  If your complexion is tanned choose pinkish and orange shades of red.  If your skin tone is dark then choose purple and wine red. 

Even though this is a bit time consuming, this will make you feel happy when your lips shine with red color lipstick mesmerizing your partners looks on you.

Lip liners for better shape

Lip liners are quite useful and will simplify your work by laying an outline around your lips without letting you go beyond the boundaries of lips. Women who think that lip liners are of no use, in reality, they help a lot in making red lipstick look the best.  So start with lip liner and outline your lips neatly. The lip liners won’t be visible once you put red lipstick on it.  They won’t allow the lipstick to go out of line.  The more beautiful your red lipstick shines on your lips, the best compliments you start getting.

Complement your look with the best attire

If you are done with coloring your lips, then it’s time for you to style your attire.  Most of the women dress with stupidest outfits, which rank them average to below average even though their face is pretty.  So there is a dire need to concentrate on outfits too.

As red lipstick with which you colored your lips makes you elegant with the best attire possible.  Red is the perfect contrast to the black.  If you are planning for a night party then go with just black attire and just red lipstick.  You can try gowns, jeans with leather jackets, ballet flats, brown outfit and a leopard scarf etc.

Don’t color your teeth

Many people color their teeth along with their lips, few with ignorance and few with innocence.  No matter what the reason, results in red looking teeth.  Applying dark shade lipstick accidentally sticks on your teeth will show up clearly when you smile. 

So you should immediately get rid of blotting of your lips.  Most of the people will use tissue paper to dab color from lips, but instead of using tissue you can place you finger in between your lips and then close them. Take out your finger and you can see less blotting on your lips now.  Make sure to wash your finger later.

Whitish teeth

If you choose to color your lips with red color lipstick then you should also consider your teeth color.  Whitish teeth always complement red color lips when you smile.  So work on improving color of your teeth to make it worth complements your red lips.  Not just for the sake of beauty, but also for the sake of oral health make certain to work on your yellowish teeth.

Don’t ever mix up pink and red

Red and pink are the worst contrast colors ever. They complement each other in the worst way possible.  Red lip color with pink attire is beyond worse to look at.  So never try those two colors at the same time.

Town down others

High lighting your lips with deepest red shades, don’t ever try to highlight your eye lids and cheeks with dark colors.  Go with light color shades to make up your cheeks and eye lids.  Don’t put heavy eyeliner on your eyes as it won’t go well with your red lipstick.

These are must-take cautions while using red lipstick, just by following these you can complement your complexion to the core.   


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