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Easy Ways to Make Your Lips Naturally Red
Feb 09, 2017
Easy Ways to Make Your Lips Naturally Red

Make Your Lips Naturally Red

Women are the synonyms for beauty. They are named for prettiness and cuteness. Women are the only beings on the earth whose beauty is compared with flowers. They are quite good at being pretty. 

Woman’s lips play a vital role in enhancing their beauty. Women’s lips can be considered as a beauty enhancing factor. No matter how beautiful women lips are, it is very important to style them with a color that suits their skin tone. There is no rule that all the women should have beautiful lips. Even the beauty of the beauties may have beauty degrading lips.

Red color lipstick is named for sharp, thick and gorgeous lips. But red color lipstick won’t go well with all types of complexions and skin tones. Don’t you worry!  We are here to let you color lips in red even it goes against your skin tone. 

We ensure that you won’t look odd with the red lipstick on your lips.  For some people, their lips may be their appreciation asset and for few other people, their lips may be their depreciation asset. 

No matter what asset it is, one has to remember that nothing is impossible in this world. You can toss the coin so that your depreciation asset can become your appreciation asset in no time.

If you are one among those who wants to color and style your lips in red, then just go through our article. I am sure you can turn this as a “Blessing in disguise”.

Just read on to know how to color your lips in red by subtracting all the odd in you.

1.Go With Single Shades

If you are planning for an outing or a date outdoor, then make sure you style and color you lips in a single shade of red. Choose the best among the sheerer shades that are available in the market.

Don’t mix and match this shade with other shades of lipstick. If you are going for an evening party, then color your lips boldly with red color lipstick. Choose the best attire that goes well with your bold lip color. Choose in such a way that they both complement each other a lot. Your bold lips that are colored in red will help grab many people’s attention.

2.Don’t Go For Deep Reds

Don’t color your lips with deep red shades if you have thin lips. As deep reds highlight your lip shape and size, it would be a drawback to color your lips with deep shades of red if you have small lips.

Even though you choose deep red shades, just color them in such a way that they won’t highlight your shape of looks much. Just concentrate on coloring your lips carefully.

3.Love Colors? Then Try Something Different

If you love experimenting with different color, then feel free to make use of this tip. If you have a great collection of lipsticks that range from light shades of lipsticks to intense shades, then just give this tip a try.

Instead of going with plain colors from top to bottom, contrasting different shades would literally make it appear at its best. Of course, plain colors give a classy look, but contrasting color gives a trendy look.

So, if you want to be trendy, then just mix and match with contrast colors starting from head to toe. Start with choosing your hair color first and then choose the contrast color attire, and then go for eye makeup contrasting. Before choosing all these contrast colors, make sure they are complementing your skin tone. Don’t ever let those colors dominate your skin tone.

4.Don’t Highlight Your Eyes

If you are choosing to color your lips with the red shape of a lipstick, then don’t ever choose to highlight your eyes with any sort of heavy mascara or thick eye liners.

As we are here to highlight our lips with “Just red” shade of lipstick, highlighting the eyes with heavy doses of makeup would turn people’s attention to your eyes rather than your lips.

So, choose simple eye makeup like little mascara and a light eye shadow. It will go well for sure.

5.Don’t Mix Red Lipstick With Any Dominating Shades

Red color lipstick alone is enough to make your lips ready for a party. But if you want to color lips more uniquely, then you can choose glosses to highlight the shade of your lips. But choosing the right shade that goes well with a red shade of lipstick is the prime job here.

Mixing red color lipstick with dull shades will take away the beauty of red color lipstick. So, don’t go with colors that take away the beauty of red color lipstick. Choose colors that go well with the red shade of lipstick you choose to color your lips with. Add up the red color with pink gloss or gold color gloss to highlight your lips.

6.Color Your Cheeks

Add little of that red color to your cheeks with which you have colored your lips with. After all, women are blushing beauties. When you blush, your cheeks will highlight your beauty with the red colors all around. Take some red colors and put it on your cheeks. Just use your fingers gently to color your cheeks. Don’t go for heavy cheek coloring. It may leave you with odd looks.

7.Don’t Hush

Don’t hush while coloring your lips. Coloring lips is an art. Anyone can apply lipstick to their lips. But to give it a saloon style look, you have to work a little harder. Make time to color your lips. Use either brush or apply it directly, but do it in a hush.

8.No Lip Liners Please

As red color is bold and thick, adding a liner most of the times will leave your lips unattractive. If you love to outline your lips, then instead of choosing the same red color to outline your line lips, choose your lips natural color to do so.

Adding other contrasting colors or other dark shades for outlines will make your lips appear bigger than they are and may give unattractive look to your lips. So, either choose natural lip color for lining or don’t go with any lip lining.

9.Cover With Concealer

If you have any wounds around your mouth, make sure to cover them up with a concealer. Don’t leave them the way they are. If you leave them the way they are, then instead of your lips, it would be highlighted in the party.

Use a concealer that suits your skin tone and cover your wounds or any sort of marks around your mouth with the help of it. 

10.Just Color You Lips

Few people along with coloring their lips color their teeth too. Lips look beautiful when colored with beautiful shades of lipstick, but teeth look worst with different shades of lipstick on them. So, when you are coloring your lips, make sure you color only your lips leaving your teeth. If you accidentally applied lipstick on your lips, make sure to clean it immediately.

These are the best tips to color your lips with red lipsticks. If you are planning a party, then make sure to color your lips in red. You will definitely be the main dish in the party.   


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