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Egg White for Face Whitening
Aug 20, 2016
Egg White for Face Whitening

As the saying goes, the face is the index of the mind. The human face is a very important part of human body. It’s the way of expression, communication, recognition and a unique identity of a person.

By nature each an individual has their own unique feature and attributes, it’s the part of the body cannot be covered every time with any cover. Every part of the body can be covered but not the face.

Humans are by nature attracted towards beautiful things around them, in which face is the first part of the body which catches the attention of an individual and a group.

The beauty of the human body is face and color of the face is same as the color of the body, this color is naturally attained by our parents and our family history as plays an important role in shaping and in its features. By nature, beauty attracts many. So irrespective of any creed, color, age and gender each one of us tries to keep out face fresh and healthy.

Each one of us uses different methods and tricks to keep it more fair and beautiful. If any person is fair, still he or she tries to enhance the present day’s status from yesterday’s status. If a person’s skin is dark then his worries and efforts will be more comparatively to the fair skin people.

Among the many ways of face whitening.EGG place a vital role in enhancing the whiteness of the skin, following are the various ways by which we can use EGG for FACE WHITENING.


Here by default EGG means an oval object which is produced and laid by chicken or hen. In this context wherever we refer the word EGG, by default it’s a chicken egg and which is available very extensively all over the world without any shortage as on today for the affordable price.

COMPONENTS OF EGG: before we proceed it’s important for us to understand the various components which are present in the EGG and which can be used for the face and by which an EGG is formed.

The important components of EGG are outer egg shell (which is in white film layered),thin membrane, egg white ( the major liquid component inside the membrane)and the yellow part.(yolk)

These are the major components when we physically see the egg and when we open the outer egg shell we can see the three other components. Each part of the egg is very useful for human beings in their day to day life.

Egg For Face Whitening:

The important scientific component in EGG is the presence of vitamin A,D, and E.


The EGG is used as a face mask for enhancing the whiteness of the face. There are various types of preparations which can be made as face packs and in turn which can be applied on the face without any chemical and side effects that's the reason many people especially women prefer this method of applying face pack with EGG for improving the whiteness of the skin.

The presence of PROTEINS IN egg helps the skin on the face to become wrinkle free and repairs of the tissue and for its growth.

The presence of POTASSIUM in EGG will help the face to keep it wet and moisture fresh, which in turn will not make the skin dry. Many times it was found that a dry skin is not good for face health and for face freshness.

The presence of magnesium in the EGG will help the skin to keep it YOUNG and this will slow down the process of aging.

The presence of RIBOFLAVIN in the EGG will kill the toxic cell which damages the skin and in turn, the skill will look fair and fresh.

Due these various natural components presence, EGG is most widely used for enhancing the face whiteness. In EGG ESPECIALLY THE white EGG PORTION.


Step – 1: to get more advantage from various natural components WHITE EGG is mixed with various other products and items to get more benefit out of it. In this step, we shall discuss the mix of EGG white with Honey and Lemon.

By using one egg white with one spoon of honey and lemon we can prepare the face pack for face whitening. These three items when mixed thoroughly and completely will form a fresh think layered paste.

When the paste is ready, before applying this on your face, keep the face wet with warm water then start applying this onto your face gently by covering the entire face skin. The application of this three components paste can be applied on your own or you can take the help of another person.

When it’s is applied completely on the face then relax for 15 to 20 minutes till the face pack gets dry, once  it is completely dry then remove these three components paste slowly by applying warm water on the face with the hand. The application must be done in clockwise and anti-clockwise circular motion so that the pores get cleaned from all the sides.

After this clean the face with a smooth cloth and follow this weekly once till you get the BEST RESULTS OF FACE whitening.

STEP – 2 :

The other tri-combination which can be done for face whitening is by using EGG white in addition to Orange and Turmeric powder.

Take one EGG white (or two, depending on the FACE area and needed consumption) with the mix of three spoons of concentrated orange juice with one spoon of turmeric powder. Keep these three components in a bowl and mix it thoroughly and completely for 2 to 3 minutes.

The three components’ got mixed then apply this paste of fresh wet face in a clockwise circular direction such that all the skin of the face gets covered and pores get completely filled.

Apply these gently and with fingers do a complete press and release massage on the face since these moments play an important part in enhancing the beauty of the skin.lot of blood cells on the face get a complete exercise with these hand little movements.

When it's applied through then sit back and relax for fifteen to twenty minutes, once it gets dry then slowly remove the dry pack with warm water again with little hand movements on the face. Once the face is cleaned completely dry this with a smooth cloth and keep the face wet suitable moisturizer.

STEP – 3 :

In this step, we shall discuss only the usage of a single component that is EGG WHITE. These are a simple and very effective method of face whitening.

Use a single egg and break this into a bowl and use only the white liquid and remove the yellow part from the bowl.

Mix this liquid for one to two minutes, then apply this on the fresh face. Keep this on the face for 10 to 15 minutes then remove the paste with water and clean the face completely.

Every women or man who is looking for face whitening then using EGG is the most effective and inexpensive methods.


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