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Facial Exercises for Young and Beautiful Looking Face
Jul 21, 2016
Facial Exercises for Young and Beautiful Looking Face

Facial exercises

Looking young all time is a factor of impossibility. People, especially celebs do a lot to protect their skin that gets old with age. Every woman definitely wants to look beautiful. The food we eat, the environment we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the conditions we live in all has a great effect on our skin and beauty.

Even face has shape and structure.  Prolonged face, big cheeks, huge lips etc won’t make you look beautiful.  Just like body has shape and structure that makes it look beautiful, even face has shape and structure that makes you look beautiful.  It is very important to work on the shape and structure of face to enhance the beauty that was buried with irregular shape and structure of the face.

Just like we have different exercises to shape different parts of the body, even there are exercises to shape different parts of the face like nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead, neck, lips, chin etc. 

Facial exercises can help you tighten the muscles present in the face.  There are namely 57 muscles on face.  Our face is considered as the most expressive part in the body.  So in order to shake and shape them out we are presenting you with effective facial exercises.

1.     Eyebrows workout for young looking forehead

The truth of the fate being written on our forehead is still to be researched by the scientists, but the truth that the forehead reveals the age that everyone can read is undeniable.

The signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines appear the forehead very clearly.  Not just with aging the forehead lines are also due to stress and tension we go through in our lives.  In order to get rid of those forehead aging signs there is a simple workout for you.  Simply press down the area above your eyes and try to look your forehead.  This causes the stressing effect on the forehead and helps in strengthening the forehead.  Repeat this simple forehead workout for 10 times for a couple of weeks to notice the difference.

2.     Cheek lift workout for toning

This cheek lift workout is almost similar to the aforementioned one, but there you lift eyebrows while here you need to lift your cheeks.  Beautiful cheeks are literally a boon for women. 

High cheeks are assets for the face that gives young look.  Using your two middle fingers of both hands press both cheeks and lift them upwards and hold it in that position counting to 30.  For best and fast results repeat the exercise for 10 times.

3.     Workout for beautiful neck

Our neck showcases our age.  The wrinkles on the neck are very much visible.  In order to get rid of that age displaying neck here is simple lip workout for you.  Sit in a relaxing position with your head back and eyes closed.  Pull your lower lip over the upper one and then hold it.  Relax and repeat it for 10 more times.

4.     Double chin

Double chin is very common problem seen in many people.  You can get rid of the unwanted double chin by doing this simple chin exercise.  Sit down in a relaxed position with your head back and with relaxed lips.  Put your lips in round shape and hold them in that position for 20 seconds.  Repeat this as many times as you can to tone a beautiful chin.

5.     Younger lips

If you have big lower lip then that is definitely drawback for your beauty.  In order to shape it you need to do simple lip workout.  Just imagine someone and bring your lips into a kissing position.   Now bring the puckered position close to your nose and hold it for 10 seconds.  Repeat it as many times as possible for best results.

6.     Beautiful cheeks

This cheeks exercise good for you cheeks.  It is very effective and you can see the results in minute’s time.  Smile with your mouth closed. Suck your cheeks in while you are smiling.  Even though this is not that easy to perform in the first shot, but with a bit hard work you can attain it.

7.     Eye exercise

You can do simple eye exercise for shiny and sprinkling eyes.  All you need to do is press your temples with two fingers and continuously blink two eyes for five times.

Pros of facial exercises

This article is made for all ages of people.  The facial exercises mentioned help all women and teens.  Just give them a try for young and beautiful looking face.

1.    Promote good blood circulation in the entire face.

2.    Rejuvenates and improves elasticity of the skin on face.

3.    Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on face.

4.    Tightens the skin on face. 

Bottom Line:

Face is the expression of mind. It’s better that you maintain the charm on your face forever and ever by just following these simple steps. 


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