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How to Have Flawless Feet
Aug 13, 2016
How to Have Flawless Feet

Whatever season it may be along with the skin care, you should also take foot care too to have neat and shiny looking pair of feet with beautifully painted nails. In order to have such beautiful feet, you should follow few DIY tips daily.

This will also keep your feet clean as well as free from infections and potential problems of the foot. Would you like to know those tips and follow them? The read out the below given information.

Tips for Perfect Feet

1. Wash Your Feet

As a part of your daily bath, you should make sure that your feet are clean. Better scrub your feet with warm water using a body wash or soap. Don’t allow your feet to soak too much in the water as it may destroy natural oils.

Washing your feet is especially needed in summer when you are going to beach on a barefoot. But, generally in the winter season, you don’t have to wash your feet regularly unless and until your feet gets dirty or smell.

It is also recommended to wash off your legs before you go to bed. After every wash, dry your feet completely particularly in-between your toes and this well removes any more dirt left out between the toes of your feet.

2. Use Pumice Stone

After a wash to your feet and when your feet is still wet use a pumice stone to rub and remove off any hard dead skin from your feet. This should be done only when your foot is wet as it will easily take off the dead skin.

3. Remove Off Hair

It is better to remove off an unpleasant hair left on your feet or on the toes if you don’t like. This gives a beautiful look to your feet and makes them look smooth and shiny.

4. Trim your Toenails

Toenails that are ingrown looks ugly or unattractive. So, use a nail clipper to cut your toenails straight across and not in curve shape because cutting your nails curve may distort your toenails growth which also leads to in growing painful nails. Toenails should never go out over the tops of the nails, unlike fingernails.

5. Apply Cuticle Remover

Apply any good cuticle remover to your feet nails and soak them for few minutes in warm water. Later remove your feet from water and pat them dry. Now, using a dry cotton bud push your cuticles back neatly.

6. Rub a Little Olive Oil

You can use a little bit of olive oil or a specialist nail oil to apply it to your nails. This helps in counteract dryness and will keep them strong.

7. Use Moisturizer

Use your body moisturizer cream to massage your feet both the upper side and lower side of the feet including the nails and heels with your hands. Leave it off for some time. This gives a deep relaxation as you will have few acupressure points at your feet that help your body to rebalance.

Later after few minutes clean your feet. You can also apply moisturizer at the night time to your complete feet and wrap them in cotton socks all the night. The next day morning you can take them off. This will give softness to your foot.

8. Use Nail Polish

Apart from doing things, you should also make them look beautiful by applying a good nail color to your toenails. If toenails are overlapping use toenail separators and then apply  the base coat of nail polish. The base coat is always necessary to keep your polish stay for a long time.

Later after few minutes, apply 2 more coats of nail polish to your toenails. Finally, apply the top coat from the top of the edges and painting the rest of the nail. This will help in avoiding chipping and helps in toenails color to the last at least for 2 weeks. Allow it to dry for some time. This makes your toenails shiny.

9. Use Right Sandals and Shoes

Poor footwear will cause many feet problems and only a few realize this issue. Make sure that the shoes or sandals that you purchases suit your feet well with right length and depth. Sometimes wearing incorrect shoes or sandals may also cause blisters instead of it is new. So, you should identify them at the right time and treat them.

10. Use Synthetic Fiber Socks

During summer you as well as your feet sweat a lot as they also contain sweat glands. This may invade the bacteria into your shoes and causes the unpleasant smell.

So, to get rid of this problem better use socks made out of synthetic fiber as it can soon wick away the moisture soon than cotton or wool socks. Also, avoid using tight socks and shoes as they are also one of the reasons for sweating and foot injuries. Keep your feet clean as well as dry always.

11. Avoid Sharing Footwear

Don’t ever the shoes or socks of other person or rentals as this may lead to foot fungal infections. To keep your feet healthy use your own footwear.

Last but not least along with daily foot care, identify if any foot problems and if they are severed better consult doctor instead of treating them yourself. This will keep your feet healthy all the time.

Bottom line:

These are the few tips that you need to look after and follow to have healthy, beautiful and flawless feet. Hope this information and the tips give here will help you to maintain your feet regularly.


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