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Tips For Bright Shiny & White Teeth
Jun 24, 2016
Tips For Bright Shiny & White Teeth

A smile sets everything straight and a white lovely tooth sets the smile. These days many of us visit the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. They use a variety of chemicals to get the whitening done.

You need to fix an appointment, go for the cleansing treatment and get it done and fast before and after the whitening process. This will not only harm your teeth but also erases a natural layer of polish on your teeth.

Many of the red carpet models and celebrities go for the whitening process; it gives instant shine but is harmful in the long run as this process involves various chemicals.

Many people spend a lot of money at the dental clinics and also for the teeth cosmetics. Thick hair and whiter teeth are a desire for many people in the current generation so they go up to spending to any extent to get this done.

Americans spend around 1.6 billion dollars just for the dental reasons in a year. They spend a lot even on the dental products like whitening creams and powders.

There are many people who try OTC teeth whitener. Some people see the dentist for the similar reason. But later they see teeth sensitivity and other disorders. We, in turn, pay the dentist for the sensitive teeth and to get hurt. Yes, we forget the natural procedures to get the teeth whitened and follow these artificial and chemical procedures and get hurt which results in tooth decay and sensitivity.

When you actually smile white, it means you took proper care of your teeth making it looks like pearls. It’s always better to avoid bleaching the teeth with chemicals.

Smile Pearl White

There are many natural procedures to get your white teeth. But before we check out the procedure we have to keep in mind that the kind of food we intake plays a very major role in shading and decaying tooth. Off late we are seeing many are going for root canal process. They get treated and they feel safe for a week or a month but down the lane, they face sensitivity issues. Sensitive teeth are much painful. You cannot consume anything cold hold, sour and sweet

Why Does Your Teeth Shade?

We need to understand the facts behind shading teeth. Why do the teeth turn yellow and brownish shades? There are a few things which play vital role in shading teeth.

There are genetic reasons too but apart from genetic issues it also depends on what type of food and drink we consume, smoking, chewing tobacco and other habits.

It is always better to gargle with water immediately after you consume any type of food. This will make the food not remain on teeth and also keep your oral hygiene high

Oral Structure

Every tooth is made up of four layers and tissues of enamel and this act as a strong, white cap for the tooth. Dentin supports this white cap which in turn supports the enamel and this is a strong yellow which carries nerves and pulp. It also contains cementum, blood and lymph vessels which cover the main root of the teeth.

Enamel and dentin are the two main materials in tooth and this plays the vital role in shading tooth. Food what we consume has an impact on enamel. Colored, chemical and processed food will eat off the enamel and start decaying the teeth

As we age enamel get weaken and as the enamel coats weaken yellow tooth appears. Most people go to dentist for the enamel polish which is a chemical process

Few remedies focus on whitening teeth that already lost few layers of enamel. It’s also better to keep in mind that doing process to strengthen enamel is just as vital so you can keep if from decaying it further

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

It is better to get preventive than being sorry. Avoid chemical peelings and other chemical products on your teeth. Especially when your teeth turn sensitive are more careful in terms of products you choose and also the variety of food you consume. Try and avoid processed food

Try Few Home Remedies

Baking And Lemon Paste

Sodium bicarbonate is the scientific name of baking soda. It works wonderfully for whitening procedures. It is slightly abrasive but gently scrubs the teeth. It makes the teeth return to original color. It is nonacidic.

If you have acidic mouth this nonacidic substance makes your teeth balance the ph level in your mouth

Baking soda breaks down the enamel. It also reduces the acidity of citric content in lemon juice which acts as a natural bleach to oral improvement. Use only a few drops of lemon juice as it’s highly acidic.

Apply this paste on your teeth, allow it to absorb for 5 minutes and wash it with Luke warm water. The odor and smell are abrasive and you might tend to feel numb tooth for the next 10 minutes.

Once after you gargle try not to consume anything for the next thirty minutes

Coconut Oil Rinse Or Oil Pulling

Pouring oil in our mouth and gargling, we must have seen this procedure before. It sounds a little weird but it cleanses the mouth and gives your polished teeth. You will get back your desired white teeth this process

It may not sound pleasant but actually works wonder. It may not taste good but one must actually try it out. It promotes gum health maintains oral hygiene and keeps your oral hygiene high

Due to the presence of lauric acid in coconut oil bacteria in the mouth get killed

How to use

Right in the morning before you have coffee and even before you brush your teeth. Scoop out a little say a tablespoon full of coconut oil. Start gargling push, swish and pull the oil in and around the mouth for around 10 – 15 minutes of time

Now spit the oil out, brush your teeth and warm gargle. You will not see any oil remaining in your mouth and in fact you will notice a high polished white plaque fewer teeth.

Also, keep in mind the kind of toothpaste you use. Check out the contents of the paste. Don’t go with the flavors but go with the contents in it for a healthy oral hygiene.


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