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10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight
Jul 21, 2016
10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss is one of the debated topics these days.  People nowadays are willing to be fit as they think that it is the fine way to live long on this earth.  Trial and error method would already try most of them in order to lose weight.  Many charts in the name of diet charts would have been dust-binned.  So much sweat must have been spilled in the name of burning calories.  Lots of food stuff must have been wasted in the name of diet. 

Many days must have been wasted in the name of weight loss.  Finally, one day came into your lives to make you realize that none of the above works.  And I am sure, that is the reason why you people are reading my article here. 

Anyway, getting into the topic, weight gain or weight loss which are very much interlinked to each other are victimizing people a lot these days.  There are a number of side effects because of obesity.  People of all ages suffer from the problem of obesity.  There are costly treatments available on the market to treat obesity. 

But as I said, they are “costly”, which means they will drain your wallets to the fullest.  There are scores of diet plans that can help you lose weight.  But if not followed properly, they would curse you with hungry.  There are wonderful workouts that can burn unwanted calories in your body.  But they alone can never let you win this weight loss game. 

So, here we are providing you people with wonderful tips that cover each and every corner of your body to burn all the unwanted calories and thereby make you fit and fine.

1. Don’t Hush

If you are planning to lose weight, all you need to do is be calm and relaxed.  If you are the type of person who hurries and worries for every small thing, first put an end to that attitude to put a start to this weight loss program. 

If you are willing to learn something new that is out of your box, make sure you learn it to the core without hurrying.  One has to know that we get nothing by hurrying except a hurting result.  Don’t hush and mix up your schedule.  Do prepare a schedule for your entire day and follow it perfectly.  Don’t put start to everything on the same day.  Maintain a little gap between each activity you are going or willing to start.  With every passing day let your to-do-list fill.  Don’t fill it up on the first day itself.  It may affect your entire day schedule.

2. Vote For Proteins-Rich Foods

In order to lose weight, you have to keep your stomach full.  You must be wondering why!  People had a misconception about dieting that it is all about starving ourselves with less food intake or no food intake. 

But in real, dieting is all about eating healthy and protein-rich food that makes you feel full all day.  One of the protein-rich in regular food chart is an egg.  The egg is rich in proteins.  Proteins come with an added advantage that they make us feel full even though they are taken in small quantities.  So, vote for protein-rich foods from now.  This way, you won’t feel hungry every now and then and you won’t stuff yourself.  Thereby avoid weight gain.

3. Fighting

Koreans use the word “Fighting!”, which brings out a meaning that doesn't give up.  When we start something, we start it with utmost enthusiasm and energy.  But as time passes, we tend to give up on it. Remember that, if you are to start something, be determined by what you want. Just put your heart and soul on the mission you started.  If you are that determined, your result would surprise you for sure.  So, Fighting!

4. No Cheat Meals

Even though you start your day with a good motto of losing weight, the mouth-watering dishes around you may tempt you in a way that you may break the bond that you tied with the weight loss program. 

But don’t forget that you ate them a lot in the past and you will eat them in the future too.  Know that you are on mission weight loss. You cannot cheat yourself and have cheat meals in this mission.  Your wrong step for one such mouth-watering dish will keep you away from many such dishes in the future.

5. Give It A Commitment

Commit yourself to eat your diet and do your workout.  Don’t skip them at any cost.  They will drive you to healthy living.  Don’t perform any crash diets that claim to offer good weight loss.  They may affect your health in future. 

6. Eat Your Heart-Full

Here, heart-full in the sense, food that teases your taste buds.  Don’t try to take a chance.  Your taste buds may be teased by spicy and oily foods, but those food are absolutely restricted for you.  Eat healthy foods like raw vegetables and fruits.  Choose the best fruits you love to eat and eat them a lot. 

7. Don’t Hit A Miss To Workouts

Working out is very important to be fit.  Keeping the fitness part aside, being flexible is literally a boon to start with.  Workouts can help make your body flexible.  There are many types of workouts like yoga, gym, cardio, running, walking, jogging etc.  Choose the one that you enjoy a lot while doing.  Commit yourself to doing a daily workout for about 45 minutes.

8. Increase Vitamin D Intake

Vitamin D is responsible for making leptin worthwhile.  Leptin is a hormone that is responsible for the active working of the brain.  As our central nervous system is responsible for all our actions and activities, it is important to know how to make it work actively.  Vitamin D helps in doing so.  So, include foods in your diet that are rich in vitamin D supplements.

9. Have A Food Fest

Have a food fest once in a while.  Don’t over eat in the name of food fest.  Eat to your heart’s content.  Eat to burn them off as soon as possible.

10. Preplan

Pre-plans everything.  Monitor diet, workouts, and necessary things to make this weight loss program success.  Prepare a perfect diet chart that includes all the above-mentioned points.

Bottom line: 

Here end our tips for daily weight loss.  Want to give it a try?  If so, set your mind to do so.  


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