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5 Best Outdoor Workout Exercises
Jul 23, 2016
5 Best Outdoor Workout Exercises

Would you like to get a completely toned body, but you can’t alone do this? Then you can try out some street exercises. Street exercises are those physical activities performed in the outdoors like parks, public areas or gym where you will have enough area for exercise and they include push-ups, sit-ups, squats and other types of variations.

No special equipment is needed to workout at streets or outdoors, you can simply make use of park equipment or bars, railings etc. Today most of the youngsters and other fitness conscious professionals prefer outdoor exercises.

You may think why street or outdoor workouts, isn’t it? Then I would say its benefits. So to know those benefits and the type of workouts that you can perform outdoor, read the below-given information.

Advantages of Outdoor Exercises or Workouts

Street workouts include effective body weight workouts that help you to develop muscular physique as well as a well-toned body.

There are many workouts that keep you engaged and doesn’t make you bored. They include both static and dynamic exercises that you can try out. These methods help you tone your body and develop all your body parts in the long run.       

You can learn them easily by watching free video tutorials or reading some articles like this. You don’t have to spend much time and efforts for this.

As know you are aware of the street workouts and its benefits, we would like to present you few street exercises in easy steps. They are very easy if you follow the below steps. So, know them from below information.

Best Street Workouts:-

Street workouts can be done at any time, but it is preferable to do them during morning hours as there will be less crowd and pollution. Firstly you start it spending 45 minutes a day for this street exercises and later once you get habituated you can spend more.

1. Push-Ups

Many of us know that push-ups are a popular workout for those people who need a flat stomach. They also work on your triceps. To start this exercise follow the below steps. 

Steps to do Push-Ups:-

Start this exercise in a plank position.

Now, put your both hands shoulder width apart.

Next, keep your hands straight and lock your hips.

Bring your chest closer to the floor or ground and then come back to the original position with your arms.

Breathe in and breathe out as you move up and down.

You can do this at least for 10 times a day.

2. Abdominal Crunches

As the name specifies, these abdominal crunches help in toning your abdominal muscles. You can do it in the following way.

Steps to do Abdominal Crunches:-

Start it with lying down on the floor preferably a soft surface such as grass using a mat.

Bend your knees and keep your feet hips width apart.

Now, put your hands at the temples but not under your head.

Next, roll the upper body forward pushing your chin simultaneously.

Squeeze the belly muscles and put your lower backgrounded. Come back to the starting pose slowly.

As you start workout inhales and when you roll the upper body upwards you can exhale. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

3. Dips with Bars

Dips can be done using pat roller bars. This exercise concentrates on the back, triceps as well as tones your abdominal region.

Steps to do Dips with Bars:-

Hold the parallel bars firmly at first.

Leaning forward, keep your knees as well as chest bent.

Start it from the top and then stretch your arms. Don’t stretch them too hard because your joints may get harm.

Now lower your body until the upper arms come in parallel with the floor.

Now, without locking your joints come back to the starting pose.

Exhale as you move the body up and inhale as you lower the body down.

Do it with full caution and make sure that your feet don’t touch the ground.

You can do it 6 times in the initial stages.

4. Leg Exercise with a Four Wheeler

As we have specified you can make use of a four-wheeler that can be car or van for doing this exercise. To do this exercise you need a help of your friend or neighbor. So, make sure that you have one. Then follow the below steps.

Steps to do Leg Exercise with a Four Wheeler:-

Take your car out and ask your friend to sit inside and control the steering of your car.

Now, push the car from behind using your two hands.

Make sure that you do this exercise only in a plain or deserted road.

You can begin it initially with a small car and this workout is a great exercise for your legs.

Not only these, there are a variety of exercises that you can perform using tables, parallel bars, and other objects and there are also plenty of variations in each exercise that you can perform.

So, learn them taking the help of an expert by watching the video tutorials. But, initially, the above-listed street workouts will help you a lot. Choose the exercise which you can do conveniently and easily and they don’t take your much time. In the beginning, you feel a little bit tired but, later once you are addicted you will feel them easy.

So, do this exercises at least thrice a week initially and later you can increase the days as well as time. Hope, you will start these easy street workouts sooner and get fit.


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